Sunday , 16 June 2019
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You can Multiply Your Wealth!

It’s been quite a while I wrote on this website. I want to quickly fill you up on what has kept me busy, and I would like to let you in on some exciting opportunities that can help redefine your life this year. I will also like to share with you some insights on what to expect from this year going forward.

Last year, I followed an internal nudge to explore blockchain. This was not the first time I had this nudge, but this was the first time I decided to take a leap of faith and plunged into action. I decided to act by August 14, 2017 and to my total shock and surprise, my invested sum of $1,000 became $3,000 right before my eyes within 2 weeks. This was too good, yet too true. As my customs is, I don’t believe in eating alone, I shared my observations with a few friends and it’s been an amazing journey with these friends. Last year my friends literally became money doublers.

The good news is, this year is quite early and the first quarter has mostly been bearish and the market gradually finding it’s bottom and getting ready for an interesting second quarter. Last year was the year of the trader, and for a complete novice in trading, I experienced some things so good, I cannot share. This year is however not for the trader. Many traders will cry this year, the very good ones will still smile, but many will weep. This year is predominantly the year of the ICOs. However, not all ICOs are worth it. ICOs are in many ways like Gold, you have to dig through a lot of of sand and dirt to get to them. If you don’t know how to prospect for rare gems, it’s best to work with those who do.

I’m happy to announce that after screening over  200 ICOs and participating in 20 different ICOs, I have been able too find an international Gold ICO prospector. This means that every week, there is new capacity to screen 100 ICOs and choose the best of the best.  I now have the privilege of being involved with one of the biggest ICO advisors and I have gotten an opportunity for my friends to join me on the winning team.

What can you expect? Expect to ride to the moon with me. Does this mean you should abandon everything you are doing? No, this is strictly about applying leverage to multiply your resources. While investing with some of these ICOs it’s important you keep your day Job and grow your other businesses. This is the way to not be under pressure as you grow your portfolio.

Will you like to join the winning team? Drop me a comment so I can share a link with you. I am back!



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