Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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Women: Contribute and Synergize

Marriage is not for dependent people! Marriage requires a level of maturity way beyond dependence. No matter how much your husband thinks you should be jobless, you are better off as a part of the team when you can contribute some value to the team.

Don’t ever fall into the assumption that there is nothing for you to contribute financially. Never fall into the lie that it is okay for you to be totally dependent on your husband. The major reason that two are better than one is because they have a better reward when they work as a team. Another key reason for synergy is that when one is down the other can lift the first person up.

Even if as a woman you start out without any source of income, it is wise that you develop yourself to be able to take charge of, and run a few business concerns. It’s always good for the family to have a fall back position. I know many “small” wife projects that have eventually become the last bastion of hope for the family. I know a few schools, a few distribution companies, a few network marketing companies, a few fashion houses and a few super markets, that started out as “wife’s small project”, but currently account for over 80% of the family’s income.

Women have amazing work ethic, and are dons at multitasking. That experience of yours, waking up early, organizing the kids, sending them to school, then organizing work or home front, picking them up, fixing “Oga” and his needs, and making sure the world goes round, is a vital tool that makes women averagely more successful at work than men. Don’t waste it all, contribute and synergize.

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