Wednesday , 17 July 2019
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Wisdom Series 3 – Are You Wise?


One day, God gave me a revelation to develop a Wisdom Audit from studying the wisest man that ever lived. Go through the questions, submit your answers, and I will send you the results.

Judge these based on the last 30 days of your life. Please evaluate based on the last 30 days strictly.

A. Which of the following describes you most
1. I regret some things I said, after I have said them
2. The last time you were angry you spoke your mind
3. The last time you were angry you kept quiet
4. People say they feel better after I have spoken to them

B. Which of these have you experienced in recently
1. Felt bad when someone rebuked me.
2. Started reading a book but was unable to finish or haven’t read in a while.
3. I have a jotter I record what I read into, and it’s almost full.
4. I went to meet someone who corrected me and I liked it.

C. Which of the following is closest to the truth
1. Your parents are angry with you
2. You parents are worried about you
3. Your parents are confident about you
4. Your parents are excited about you

D. How do you see yourself?
1. I’m doing great.
2. I’m doing just fine
3. I’m doing ok, but I can do better with a little help.
4. I’m not where I want to be, but God’s grace is sufficient.

E. In the last 30 days, which of this is closer to your reality.
1. I have done many wrong things, but I have asked God for forgiveness
2. I have done a few wrong things, but I have asked God for forgiveness
3. I haven’t done anything wrong, the fear of God guides me.
4. I have a healthy fear of God, and that’s been guiding me, I make mistakes quite infrequently

F. Which is you?
1. I currently don’t have a 20yr goal documented
2. I find it easy to believe people, without doing background checks
3. I have a few friends that can bail me out of major challenges today
4. I sense danger long before it happens, and I’m usually right.

Now add all your scores together and submit your scores. I will share your scores, and will share thoughts on how you can increase all the elements of wisdom in your life.

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