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Wired as an Employee

She wakes up very early in the morning, gets ready in a hurry, and leaves to work in a giffy. She’s been doing it like this for 4yrs, so she doesn’t really see it as a big deal anymore. She is fine and doing well, for as long as no one asks fundamental mind boggling questions. She’s become a master at her routines; she’s even grown to add on more responsibilities. The pay is not bad, gets her going, and gives her a little extra to create a few options for herself. She’s giving her family better than she got, life is good.

Once in a while however, her boat is rocked. She goes to church or a special meeting, and the speaker preaches a storm about dreams, about visions, about passion, about God, about a purposeful life, about living a fulfilled life and about eternity. Those same words that once created the picture of a beautiful peaceful world few years ago, now create internal anarchy within her system. The picture it represents today is abstract. Her mind is drawn to ponder, and the thought of how far away she has wondered away from her dreams and true desires is mind boggling. She hears the phrases all too common in those meetings – “What will you do if failure was not an option?”, What is your plan B? e.t.c. Inside her heart she knows the answer is different from her current vocation. She shrugs it, what can one do, isn’t it the first thing to simply survive? She struggles with those thoughts over the weekend, but when Monday comes, she resumes her routine. Unconsciously, she has been wired to see life as an employee, and change is costly!

Whether we like it or not however, except we do not live long enough, we must cease to be employees at some time. A time will come, when we’ll as a result of our choice or the choice of others cease to be engaged as an employee. Here are a few key thought lines that need to change in your wiring to prepare you for the life of your dreams.

1. Income does not have to be linear.

When you accept you wiring as an employee, you seem to believe that income comes, when there is an activity of labour. Linear income means you spend your time to get money. You are paid based on service, based on time. While earning linear income, you are limited by the time you have available. You are linearly exchanging your time and skills with cash. What happens if you fall sick? What happens when you cannot put in the required hours? What happens if 50 people want to book you for one hour everyday? Employees are wired to think about linear income, start to expand your mind to conceive the thought of creating multiple streams of income and to even start building residual income.

2. Say bye bye to lottery mentality.

It’s only in the lotteries that you can put in a little and a whole lot comes out. As employees, we seldom see a direct connection between our salaries and the revenues of the company? The mantra of the employee is, “Whether the boss sells or not, the servant’s wages will be complete.” To survive in the world you will inevitably get into, you must say bye bye to lottery mentality. Life responds to you based on your inputs, your attitude and your efforts. The world does not meet anyone half way, whatever you want, you have to go for it, and be ready to run the stipulated number of miles, and an extra. Don’t go out looking for what to win, don’t win a job, a lottery or a lot of money. Replace win with work, and say a big NO to lottery mentality.

3. Love Leverage

One of the words that have become almost constant in my vocabulary is the word leverage. For me it’s one of the most important words in the world. Employees leverage on a small scale, leverage for them is about delegation, supervision and management. They grow gradually into the role of getting a lot more done through a few more people. If you are going to succeed in the real world of no limitations and restrictions, leverage must be your watch word. Like a onetime richest man in America – Paul Getty Said – “I would rather have one percent of the efforts of a hundred people than a hundred percent of my own efforts”. Leverage is what makes the super successful in any field of life super successful. Leverage on the resources of others, on the time of others, and on the money of others. Never view life linearly like all that exists is what you have in your pocket or in your mind. The world belongs to those who have realized, that it all belongs to them.

4. Understand the Quadrants

Wired employees typically have come to see employment and a job as the only option to living a good life. While they are without a job, they are miserable; their happiness is connected with getting a job, any job. People fail to realize that the concept of labour and wage earning was invented only around the close of 19th century. Work in the way we know it today was birthed at the advent of the industrial age. Prior to that time, people were entrepreneurial farmers. Work as we know it has gone through a lot of cycles, from obscene daily hours of work, to milder labour laws. Employment is wage labour and it’s the lowest of the quadrants of Employee, Self Employed, Business owner and Investor. Take out time to study these quadrants and the attitudes and efforts required to be successful in any of them. Make up your mind not to die a labourer and wage earner. Even while at it, begin to leverage and create something of your own that you can leave as an inheritance.

5. Pursue your Dreams

If you don’t pursue your dreams, you are dead already. It means you are living someone else’s life and yours is either dead or comatose. Those dreams that you have are yours, no one else’s. To continue to ignore them won’t make them go away, it will only deprive the world of solutions attached to you, until heaven finds a replacement. There is nothing else you are doing, no matter how rewarding that can equate with the fulfillment and joy of moving in the direction of your dreams and passions. Don’t let dignified, rebranded and repackaged slavery rob you of your rights to live as a king! Even our lord is not the king of slaves, but the king of kings, so why settle for anything that makes you less than a king? It’s so appalling to see people whose only sense of worth is derived from where they work or who they work for. “I’m with Xyz Bank” – and all the ladies raise their eyebrows. If it’s not in the direction of your dreams, you are in prison!

These are only five points in 20 for breaking the employee code. Watch out for more of these in subsequent articles. Rewiring a circuit to achieve desired objectives is not mince meat. It’s a big job, it requires time, and it required persevering effort. Society has wired us all into Job seekers and consequently employees. Take note today, and begin to rewire yourself. In case you can’t do it alone, join us on any Saturday at 2pm at Chams City, No 2A, Isaac John Ikeja G.R.A. It’s N2,000 only to help you with your wires :). Book ahead by calling 08072690088.

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  1. Bobo,
    You have hit the nail on the head again as usual and you have jolted me from my slumber as you always do. This is a wonderful piece and I’ll spread the word. Every employee or start-up enterpreneur who has even the faintest dream should attend.
    May God continue to use you to inspire our generation.

  2. Am I wired already or not will be there to find out.

  3. Quite educative, my life I ponder is answer to my prayers so many years ago. I dont want to spend any money I dont know how to make. Tha is what the life of an employee is

  4. Thank God I am wired towards the direction of my dreams and purpose in life. But I must keep the fire alive therefore, I will attend this event.

    Thank you again and again chairman. I feel you always.

  5. This is real truth spoken with passion. Let those who understands take action quickly.

  6. The society, parents, media and environment have ingrained us with the desire to need a job for survival. It’s not meant to be this way from the beginning. Let him who has ears, let him hear.
    Thanks for this Deolu,

  7. right on the monney brother….i'm very glad you went there, now lets see who really is ready to Go for it !!!!

    There are tons of free resources out there to help you realize your dreams but you must furst hunger for change and as deolu put it " rewired ".

  8. Spot on, sire! The divine command is for us to live, multiply and dominate the earth. From my little understanding, being an employee could atimes be a blessing or a curse.

    It’s a blessing when you are in a job that is taking you constantly towards your dreams. You are constantly getting the personal development needed to live the life you dream.

    On the other hand, it could be a curse when instead of getting equiped for the journey ahead, you are constantly getting your energy and morale deplited and dampened. All you are doing on a daily basis is totally against your dream. You can’t see a light at the end of the turnel. So sad!

    However, wtatever it is – a curse or a blessing, I believe you can never live a satisfactory life working for others. Life has to be lived remarkable, sir.


  9. Hmm! Am totally speechless kind of describes my life, though painful to admit. But am happy that am gathering momentum and very soon,….

    God bless you, Sir!
    My story won't be complete without a mention of your name.

  10. Hi Deolu,
    Good write up. But you have to sometimes thinks of coming to Abuja to host some of this your sessions.
    We in Abuja are missing out on your talks and seminers.

  11. Otolorin Daniels

    Thank you… Thank God!

  12. This is the 2nd time I will be reading this piece. Deolu, hope this is not the era of ‘re-circle’.

    In any case, its good to refresh our memory and keep us in focus.


  13. This is another wake up call from slumber!!!!

  14. Great article you have here. Keep us informed.

  15. It’s not re-write, it’s recycle. Just felt it might have relevance to someone in these busy times of my life.

  16. “There is nothing else you are doing, no matter how rewarding that can equate with the fulfillment and joy of moving in the direction of your dreams and passions. Don’t let dignified, rebranded and repackaged slavery rob you of your rights to live as a king!”……chai..Deolu…u get mouth….loool…i like this one…it makes tooo much sense…nice article

  17. There is nothing else you are doing, no matter how rewarding that can equate with the fulfillment and joy of moving in the direction of your dreams and passions. Don’t let dignified, rebranded and repackaged slavery rob you of your rights to live as a king!

  18. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.cheers.

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