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Why I’m Voting Buhari-Bakare in 2011 Elections

I wrote this article about 3 weeks ago, and it seems to have made the rounds, and is gradually becoming viral. I wrote it on the BB2011 Volunteers Group forum and titled it it, “Why We Will Win!”. I’m glad it’s creating the much needed buzz, and circulating fast. People have developed slides with it, made videos with it, and cut out some part of it for emails, bb chats e.t.c. While my loyalty to great men like Prof Pat Utomi is still intact and unwavering as someone who will lead this nation in it’s near future, I humbly submit with the words of Donald Duke, that the current terrain requires firm and strong princes to clear the cub webs and create a level playing platform. The duo of these two honest men wins my vote this year, and hopefully 10 million others with me. Enjoy reading.

I am glad to announce to you, that the future of our burning desire seems even brighter today. I don’t know if you feel the energy or if you know what is going on around the country. The chances of our winning are getting higher by the day. In 2007 without us, the General Won in Oyo and Ogun State, thanks to a team of ardent believers in the leadership of GMB. In seeking the rule of law in contesting the elections, 3 judges ruled in his favor for having also won the entire elections- these rulings were based purely on integrity of the Judges, as GMB could not afford to hire a lawyer, much less bribing his way through.

In 2011, GMB is not alone. He’s supported by a team of volunteers online and offline like me, who never voted for him before. We didn’t vote for him, because we didn’t know. We didn’t know that he supervised and birthed our only existing refineries. We didn’t know that what he did in road construction while in the PTF hasn’t been matched by 12yrs of the PDP, even though we claimed they were lopsided. We didn’t know that in his time as head of state he reduced inflation from 23% to 4%, by fiscal discipline and a homegrown economic team (not achieved under any other era, even military). We didn’t know that there was no religious crisis while he led. We didn’t know that JJ Rawlings of Ghana took over 2yrs before him, and killed all the corrupt leaders, while GMB merely gave his own, long-term jail sentences. We didn’t know that the hospitals and universities around the country never witnessed as much benefits they got from the PTF from any government after or before his time. We did not know, that this man haven been in all the oil sectors in Nigeria, has no petrol station, much less a refinery or an oil rig like so many of our leaders. We never voted him, because we did not know.

But now we know… We know that he has followership in the north that money can’t buy. We know that those who follow him are poor, and follow him out of hope and belief in his values. I have met old men who know him, who have said… “All I need from Buhari is his word, I can take it to the bank”. Now we know that here is someone that has been in everything to make him a Dan-Something, but didn’t take the road. We feared he was an Islamic fundamentalist, but he challenged us to provide any human being who can point at anything he did to show the same. His Cook and Drivers… two roles that can be influenced to have your life are Christians. In his passion for discipline, he has pulled down mosques, punished emirs, and followed principles over the respect of people. Then this year, to the utter shock of the world, he picks the most radically outspoken no nonsense Christian Preacher in Nigeria to be his vice. Now we know, that it’s about the values, not religion and certainly not the fact that he becomes the first (correct me if I’m wrong) Nigerian president without multiple wives or an array of concubines.

On the other hand, we analyze the man, Pastor Tunde Bakare, and every interaction with him is inspiring. His words are laced with wisdom, and his actions show he didn’t only read Awolowo…he follows him. Very personable, very charismatic and yet so very humble and approachable. No nonsense no doubt and honest to an extreme. One day he spoke of how he had the opportunity of saving a few millions by accepting the favour of a government official… he turned it down and gladly lost the millions. A good name to him, is more than silver or Gold. I judge myself patriotic, but sometimes I wonder if it was not Pastor Bakare’s Patriotism that inspired mine. One thing is sure; our treasury is safe under these men. Another thing is sure, the expectations we’ll have of them, and what they will set out to do, will radically turn Nigeria forward.

I long for light in Nigeria. I long for when we will travel overseas without humiliating ourselves early in the morning to queue at embassies for VISA. I long for when our roads will be motor-able, and when the best of our men and women will find it normal to go for political office.

I have never carried the card of any party or taken sufficient interest. Now I have.

Ladies and Gentlemen… We Will Win… Oh Yes we will! I saw we, because it’s in the best interest of our future and collective destinies, that we reset the button on corruption and start building the Nigeria of our dreams. This time it’s not about empty promises, it’s about promises with a will and character to execute it.

–      Adeolu Akinyemi

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  1. Didn”t know the BB message I have been circulating came from here.
    I look forward to a Nigeria that works. where eliminating fuel que will not be a key achievement of a President. Wherecivil servant will fear to steal because the president/vice does not steal (inspiration leadership). I look forward to a better Nigeria, I look forward toBuhari/Bakare Presidency.
    and I put “my money, where my mouth is”
    God bless Nigeria

  2. Didn’t know the BB message I have been circulating came from here.
    I look forward to a Nigeria that works. where eliminating fuel que will not be a key achievement of a President. Wherecivil servant will fear to steal because the president/vice does not steal (inspiration leadership). I look forward to a better Nigeria, I look forward toBuhari/Bakare Presidency.
    and I put “my money, where my mouth is”
    God bless Nigeria

  3. This is interesting, thanks so mch Deolu for this information. Your article has won my heart without any doubt sincerely of this 2 combination is really, really, really shocking to me.

    I always believe in Buhari as an individual but the religious sentiment is a strong factor for me but now you enlighten me better. I’m surprised and excited that one the Pastors i have much respect for in involved…wow.

    Could this be the fulfillment of the prophecies we have been waiting for? I don’t know how many of us still remember those words of prophesy given about 10 years ago..hmmmmmm. It’s looking very much like it. Thinking about this is making me feel seriously responsible to be involved even at this late hour.

    I have an assignment to do right away before it too late to be involved….God bless Nigeria.

  4. While I still need some convincing to be fully won, I see no other candidate that can challenge GMB in terms of records and achievements. But I still have reservations, also borne out of records…

    God bless Nigeria…

    • @ Omooba,

      Please share your records…. I am interested in knowing the truth

      if we saw an elephant, let us say we saw one. There can be no controversy if an elephant is truly sighted

      • Ayotunde,

        As much as I do my best not to go into online word bouts, there are times it is only fair to give answers to questions raised. For space and time, responses can only be concise, not covering all that needs to be said, but enough to make points clearly.

        But, you want records? Really??

        I was a bit young in 1983, when Buhari headed a military government that emerged after a COUP. That coup sir, was the second and last coup to remove an “elected” Nigerian president till date.

        I was young, but I was not unaware! GMB’s records as head of state was of brutality and press censorship. That said, it was also a time things worked, there was fear to contravene any laws, and that made things work. The economy functioned better, there was accountability in those days.

        As “good” as those “good” old days were, I’m not looking forward to going back to days when judgment was meted out on the road sides and not after a case as been fairly heard.

        The infamous decree 4 of 1984 is for me the most damning reason against him. Now, I have read and heard several explanations for and against decree 4, even from well respected leaders of thought. My problem with it is still fundamental, if you don’t want to be criticized (rightly or wrongly), don’t be in the public eye. If you can’t handle it, don’t do it! Even popular leaders have horrible things said about them. Part of being a good leader is the ability to handle all criticisms maturely.

        I must say that GMB’s record includes honesty, integrity, simplicity and discipline all good leadership traits, but there is also a place for tolerance.

        As of today, I am still undecided – though leaning towards the BB ticket.

  5. hmmmmn! Intersting by the day…but my fear is scattered votes between Buhari/Bakare another formidable collabo- Ribadu/Adeola and of course the incumbent_ GEJ….

    If only a consensus between the first two group is possible to squarely uproot d ruling detroying party.

  6. A word is enough for the wise.

  7. job well done sir.i do bulk sms campaign.sending advert,campaign,public notice to any set of audience in nigeria.any where,any time.08079985617.07063909998

  8. Mr Akinyemi,

    hmm….it’s nice to see Buhari’s achievements…my problem is how Buhari and Bakare will work together…i struggle to see how…two very opinionated people…it may be lame but I can’t see myself voting for them…I would have loved a Ribadu/Okonjo-Iweala ticket…but Fola Adeola is also not a bad choice. I definitely will not vote GEJ…I am not convinced he is ready.

  9. if it was going to be an easy ride, there would be no need for any work or campaigning to be done…
    it is in the realization of the growing certainty of victory but the job needed to be done that mr.deolu is standing up and speaking.
    postulations about voting patterns(if we really have any) and speculations wont suffice.
    we see it, we go about saying it(there are more than enough points here) and we seize the opportunity.. because this possibility might not present itself in our generation anymore..
    the way of d warrior..
    like i said in an earlier comment,

    the tug of purpose..the burst of passion..the certainty of success..d reality of destiny!


  10. Im writing this at the Kotoka airport on my way back to Naija after being away for over a week in kumasi,Half Asinni Ghana and Abidjan,CIV.
    Unfortunately its always the same feeling of always not looking forward to going back to Niigerian darkness.
    The word darkness can almost be used interchangeably for the name Nigeria because we are always in darkness.
    In the last 8 days I have being in Light to
    To say even in war thretened Abidjan .
    Why cant our leaders get it right?They are not leaders.They aree impostors.
    During PDP’S last convention,A pastor friend,Rev Daramola did not sleep because he believed Goodluck was Godsent.He almost converted me because I have always admired Buhari even considering working for him.
    I said the Lord will let me know if Goodluck was Godsent.
    I didnt have to wait for God beause Goodluck himself proved to me he was a minnow by abusing Fashola and other progressive governors,calling them rascals
    The day I saw the headline in Ibadan,I vowed Goodluck will never,repeat never
    Talking about Buhari,I have always admired him GREATLY from afar.Spartan Discipline,actio man,He only speaks because he has to speak.That was why Idiagbon was his loudspeaker and people, Nigerians mistakenly that Idiagbon was the Action man.Idiagbon with a respect was the get the job done man.Buhari got it right using I/agbon effectively.Buhari was soldier’s soldier.
    I have to board now.Im not done.I will resume in Lagos.

  11. this is a master piece.this stuff is getting interesting i think more of this write ups should circulate coz this religious fundamentalism associated with Buhari is a critical factor.I dont know where that impression came from in the first place.For Rev Tunde Bakare to join is a bold statement i think more people like him should enroll..We also need to see their manifesto,i just wish PDP will fail terribly in this election.
    I believe they have not done enough to remain in power.

    God bless Nigeria

  12. Who is afraid of BUHARI— mostly the Nigerians who went to school.Nigerians are not disciplined hence the pervasive corruption from the presidency to the local govt councillor. BUHARI will prevent Nigerians from stealing as he will lead by examples. Thats why we are afraid of his presidency- he will not let us enjoy our stolen wealth

  13. I read people’s reservations and I wonder, is there any venture without risks? people stick a lot to the status quo just because they are not willing to pay the price for change.

    I have no regret since I started voting in 2003, that each time, my thumb requests for a change in the system, this 2011 will not be different….

    I want a candidate that has not gone round to cut compromise deals, i want a candidate that would not be choked by his party, I want a candidate that even the naysayers cannot find any corruption charge to pin against him….calibrate this with this article, and you know what I

  14. Hi Deolu,your write up on Buhari-Bakare is no doubt a brillant one but I believe that Ribadu -Adeola ticket is the combination to beat. I must, however, quickly point out that Buhari& Bakare are people I have deep respect for but the task of fixing Nigeria requires more than a mere intention to serve. Regardless of what anybody can say ,Ribadu fought corrupion to the best of his abilities when he was at EFCC while Fola Adeola is an accomplished entrepreneur par excellence, a technocrat extraordinare and a distinguished nigerian who understands how the economy works.You will agree with me that one of the greatest challenges facing Nigeria is unemployment.We need an accomplished entrepreneur to show us the way and not just politicians that will be dashing out “Keke Marwa & okada helments” under the guise of creating jobs and fighting pverty. FATE foundation is an eloquent testimony. Whether Ribadu-Adeola ticket flies or not,the combination will go down as one of the best tickets in the history of Nigeria.
    But on a final note Deolu, I just wish the progressives will come together to fight our common enemy which is PDP. I just wish we would bury our differences and forgo our personal interest in the interest of Nigeria.God bless Nigeria.

  15. Hmm…Adeolu!Another intruigin piece.Before now,I was in dat school of thought dat our “messiah” must b one dat could dine with d devil(PDP),wit a very long spoon dat is.Jonathan,2me fits into dis position.Not that he was d best candidate,but I felt he was d one with the political wherewithal(crook or means) to make a litle impact at least.But after readin ur piece,I,for d first time,since hearin of d “Buhari/Bakare combo,would want 2luk dia direction.But I,like many other Nigerians fear Buhari’s religious stance.They say he is a fanatic.U say he is not.True,we want leaders true to their religious beliefs,but trust me,we do not want biase religious positions that would further tear dis country apart,what wit d inceasant crises in d north.If u would b so kind as 2shed some light on dis rumoured notion on Buhari,trust me,my vote,and d 10million u seek have already been cast.We see desire 2change Nigeria in him.We see d will.We see d determination.We see d sincerity.Help us see d religion neutrality.Ehen,did u say his cook and driver were(are) Christians?Dis is a good selling point.Use it!

  16. Thanks for this piece. I have been contemplating on who to vote for but with this facts I’m no longer confused.

    BB all the way.

  17. Knowledge is key. Chairman, thank you for sharing this.

  18. @ All,

    Thanks. I am indeed surrounded by thinking and great people after all. Let’s circulate this far and wide, people need to know the truth.

    @ Charlypoppsy

    The religion thing is a rumor spread to discredit him. He refused $4Billion loan from an Islamic ruler, refused to bulge to OIC. IBB bulged, OBJ borrowed. He’s just true to his faith, prays, has one wife, and 4 children, all girls. He hasn’t bothered to do like most of our Yoruba men, who will go out and get a son.

    @ Ireti

    Ribadu/Fola is a good ticket, but it’s not a popular ticket. I daresay they know they cannot win. (Ta lo mo okolo won loyo?) To compare Ribadu to Buhari will be to compare yourself to Daddy GO. Igi imu jina sori :). The indeed need to wait their time. Ribadu was a Police man for 25yrs and served the nation as EFCC chairman for a few years. That’s a lot, but not what qualifies you for immediate presidency riding on the platform of someone you had once called an international thief. Someone who says he doesn’t want Okonjo because she will not be easy to control. Look deeply before you leap.

  19. there are so many goog nigerians that will can trust,the only one will have now that can give us nigeria of our dream is buhari. dan 4rm benin

  20. Deolu,I am a little bit uncomfortable with your comment that Ribadu/Adeola ticket is not a popular one. One would have thought someone like you would vote based on your conscience and not based on popularity. By the way ,who told you Buhari/Bakare ticket is acceptable to nigerians. Someone of us may have forgiven Buhari for sacking the ‘democratically’elected government of Shagari and for truncating the third republic but we have not forgotten.Buhari could have turned out to be another Ghaddafi or Mugabe if he had not been scaked by his co traveller,IBB. As to the the platform he is contesting on,please come out with enough facts to nail Asiwaju.As to the timing,the right time is now. In closing,I will also like to ask you a question: Would you have supported Buhari if he had not chosen Bakare as running mate? God bless Nigeria. The Ribadu-Adeola ticket offers Nigeria a new begining. THE TIME IS NOW!

  21. @ Ireti,

    Let me answer your questions and also attempt a little enlightenment, if I can.

    1. I would have voted Buhari if he had not picked Pastor Bakare as VP. I have come to know a lot I didn’t know back then. Why am I all of a sudden informed? I believe it’s the right time.

    2. Buhari did not sack any government. Bako, IBB and Abacha sacked the government, and flew to Jos to pick Buhari and offer him the opportunity to lead. Things were so bad in Nigeria back then, that people took to the streets to rejoice the take over. 1st Generation Politicians were at their worst and inflation was 23.x%. He led, and obviously for no personal gain, as nothing has stuck that people have tried to nail on him.

    3. I don’t want to wash Ribadu’s dirty linens in public, why? Because I believe he’s better than most, I’m just worried that after a while, we might speak with no holds barred. What has he done that makes him qualified? Was it his work as a police officer for 25yrs? Or his EFCC work under OBJ for 2yrs? Do you know how many police officers have served for 30yrs and would have done exactly what he did and better? Do you want us to open up EFCC which are his credentials to serious scrutiny? I’ll vote Ribadu in 2019, and that is if El Rufai is not contesting.

    4. I’m not interested in Nailing Asiwaju, no need to duplicate those type of efforts. What bothered me is Ribadu’s inconsistencies… as regards Asiwaju and as regards Patience Jonathan. He’s found it convenient to say it’s miscommunication. He’s a good guy no doubt, but it takes a prince to bind a prince. We don’t want a president that will need to battle the issues facing Fashola.

    5. I’m voting for my conscience. People tested and trusted. Not people who will need to put Learner on the apparatus of the Nation, while getting their hands steadied. I am voting for people who have nothing else but patriotism as their reason for going for office.

    6. Popularity is key in politics. While middle class people found it stressful to vote, the grassroot people were there early and left late. In the places where it matters, who knows Ribadu? Who knows Fola? What have they done for the masses? EFCC? What is that? In 2007, General Buhari won the elections – morally speaking. 3 Judges said he won, 3 Judges said Yaradua won. In the last 8yrs he’s spent 50 months in court following rule of law. 2011, we will protect our votes and if we smell foul play, we will protect our nation. Nigerians are not ready to be taken for a ride anymore.

    7. The time for Change is Now! I agree, and those with the will and courage to pursue it. Ribadu needs to work hard between now and 2023 to ensure that he has gathered experience. Cos if he’s not ready then, many of our generation will be ready, and it will go to the Best and Brightest

  22. Very enlightening piece that has won my heart. I know who to vote for now without any doubt. The religion is not an issue for me as long as he is a man of integrity. That is what we need in this country, men & women of integrity, men who are not afraid to do what is right and have the fear of God.

    Well done.

  23. I’m comfortable with the BB choice mainly because Pastor Bakare is involved. As far as I’m concerned, he is one of the few pastors worth following. Most of the others just have hugh popularity which they are wasting ‘in the name of the Lord’.

    Do I have my fears? Yes. I have reservations about many things. But I’d rather vote for integrity and give it a shot at succeeding than vote in a regime that is tested and failed.

  24. Have always admired Buhari’s candidness and integrity. I wish he will win this year polls.

  25. The problem of nigeria is more than just having a man of integrity at the presidency and as much as i want PDP out of office im still not fully convinced that a man from generations back with stale ideas i think(…personal opinion) can move us from where we have gotten ourselves to…..(a nation deserves the kind of leader it deserves). But one thing is sure God will set the right man over naija (with our co-operation of course). GOODLUCK to the BB GROUP.

  26. Ismail bolakale yekin

    We r tired f unfulfild promises,we want changes in Nig.Nigerians,lets come out @ large n vote 4ds 2 men of God,mallam Buhari n pastor Bakare….2geda we shal tek Nig 2 a wonderland!

  27. Buhari/Bakare 2011

  28. Mr. Adeolu Akinyemi,

    I have read your post on who you supported and why you did. Elections have been concluded and we already have the results. Let me tell you that I am serving in Sokoto and have a feel of the heat in the North. What do you say of GMB not speaking to his team of irrational supporters burning churches and killing people? Instead, He is talking about going to court when people are dying!

    • @ Fola,

      I can imagine the heat you are under there.

      I am informed he made announcements on BBC Hausa service and all Nigerian radio the very same day the spontaneous rage ignited.

      Everybody has irrational supporters, PDP, ACN, CPC e.t.c. But none of the leaders is in support of violence as a means to any ends. We can however trust that those whose role is our collective security stand up to it, rather than engage in the blame game.

      I hope you are safe and stay safe.

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  30. Which do we believe? we had thought that Buhari does not own a house in Abuja, these are the words of Buhari himself (uncensored).”

    2011: Buhari In The National Mirror.

    “I have at least one million naira in my bank, having paid N5.5 million to pick my form from my party. I have around 150 cattle because I am never comfortable without cows. I have a house each in Kaduna, Kano, Daura, and one in Abuja, which I borrowed money to build. I never had a foreign account since I finished my courses in the USA, India and the UK. I never owned any property outside Nigeria. Never.”

    – General Buhari, CPC Presidential Aspirant.

    Come to think of it, what does it take to own a legitimate foreign account?

  31. Aiyekooto,

    Why not give the reference…

    As far as we all know he inherited his house in Daura and built the one in Kaduna. He does not have land in Abuja how much more house.

    Give me the reference to the National Mirror cooked up write up so I can verify.

    Then what’ is your point exactly? Can you point at any president who does not have a refinery or oil block in the least? It’s better we close our eyes ourselves than pretend not to see.

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