Saturday , 22 September 2018
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Why Bad People Do Well

1. Godly principles work, whoever is working them. God causes the rain to shine on the godly and ungodly. It’s the fairness principle of God. (Matt 5:45)

2. Sin is a cancer to the earth, it created inequality, unfairness, unrigtheousness and suffering. It’s natural for lazy people to succeed, the world is unfair, and the enemy is a thief. You can however tap into God’s grace of abundance provided through the sacrifice of his son. Rom 5:12, John 10:10

3. It’s short term gain versus long range reward, there is no need to envy people who have good wages but no retirement benefits. The beginning of Bad people can be good, but try to take not of their end. God is our book keeper. (Heb 11:25-26)

4. God has everything in the universe under control. Men think and plan, they even vote, but it’s God’s will that gets done! If bad people are doing well, there is a bigger picture. (Prov 19:21)

5. Ungodly and wicked people are really working for the righteous. It doesn’t make sense to evny someone who is really working for your son. You willingly give them the space as what they are doing is important work. Your legacy is to work to ensure your children are righteous, their legacy is to ensure they work hard so there is something for your son to inherit. (Ecc 2:26, Prov 13:22)

6. The Devil wants to frustrate you, and make you question the fairness of God! The Devil can do nothing to you save accuse you, deceive you or tempt you. Once he can make you question God’s standards, you are done for. (James 1:13-15)

7. The Enemy wants your focus to be on Riches, not on God! Once your gaze shifts to analyse bad people and their results, your focus and questions to God shift. Even the messages you will hear will be that centred. (Ps 37:7)
Don’t Evny the wicked! Don’t ask God why! He’s just and fair, and that’s the ground on which to approach Him.



Everything happening to you is alright and going to be alright still

Adeolu Akinyemi

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