Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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Where will you be at 65?

It’s after midnight as usual, it’s been a really long day. Ever since I made up my mind to be in more circulation and leave my comfort zone, lagos for a while, I have experienced new things. The journey has been long and tedious, but somehow I feel a grace of God upon my life guiding and protecting me. All of a sudden, it started jumping out of the bible to me that even Jesus did not restrict himself to one town, but was all over the place moving from city to city doing good.

Even though Jesus was going about doing good, it would amaze you that his greatest opposition were not demons, but rather pharisees and saducees – the so called scholars and learned men who you would expect to know better. Everytime the wind of change looms around, the people most likely to be left behind are those who have tasted of an old fading glory or the people who have had a not so successful experience. They have done something close before, and their mind sets into a framework that will take too much to unfreeze. They end up missing out big time on what was prepared for them, and stones rise up in their stead. Let me crack a little bit of the code and take it home to you – those who have sown and not reap, are likely not to sow again and certainly not reap, even though the rain were better the next year. Those who failed in business before, are likely to be scared of the opportunity that was meant to bring them success. Those who took part in clubfreedom, are likely to look at Holidays and Cash with the same mindset and hence never benefit. Those go high on the employee ladder are likely to be too smart to ever resign and start business. People are regularly held back by their old glory successes, or by their previous failures.

If you are not ready to hear the truth, I advice that you leave this site now and not read this post. Today, I will bare it to you as it is. I hope you know already though, and have only been comforting yourself. The odds are stacked against our ever becoming someone significant at the ripe old age of 65. The statistics I got from the so called developed world shocks me, and I am afraid for the future of many in my generation. Where will you be at 65? Will you be dead, broke or wealthy? What are you doing to guarantee your confession?

Statistics show the following.

54% of the population will need some sort of Social Security / help from the Government.

24% will be dead.

16% will still need to work.

5% will be financially independent.

Only 1% will be truly wealthy / financially free. (Source NMFS)

What do these numbers mean? They mean that in a random sample of 100 people, anyone you pick is 24 times more likely to be dead than wealthy. It means that 16 out of every 100 people will still need to work to keep themselves. It means that 54 out of 100 people will be financially dependent, either on the government, their spouse  or their kids. It means that 5 out of every 100 people will be financially independent, but not free. These financially independent people are termed to have annual incomes of over $35,000/annum. It also means that only 1 out of 100 will become financially free. Take a quick look around you and survey 100 people around you, think about it, at 65 where will they be?

A further research was done to ascertain what the makeup of the financially free was. This research revealed as well, that 74% of the people who make up that 1% are actually entrepreneurs, 10% were CEOs, 9% Professionals and about 7% others. This means that if you are not involved in business, the chances are extremely low that you will be among the top 1%.

With these realizations, what is your game plan? What are you involved in that has the capacity to position you to be wealthy? Let’s stop kidding ourselves, success is not easy, if 1% of the most entrepreneurial nation in the world become financially free at 65, we should expect a lot of work. I’m reading a book that has an apt definition of a moron, he defines a moron as someone who wakes up early in the morning, goes to work, comes back in the evenning, rests and goes back to work again in the morning. This person is probably not finding his job fulfilling, but he engages in the moronic mindset of going and coming either because he thinks there are no options or he/she needs to pay the bills.

Are you stuck on your 9-5pm? Or are you one of those intelligent consultants with sufficient reason to throw down a good workable idea? Are you hoping that one day your ship will dock? Are you taking a swing at your golf  balls with your golf club and hoping the ball will land in the right place? Are you hoping that your life will change? Are you hoping that things will just happen to set you up for the greatness you desired? Wake up and smell the coffee, the odds are stacked against you and against us all. Nothing just happens, what happens are the things we make happen. If your future will be bright, you need to start building it today. Stop listening to naysayers whose most reliable source of data is an unknown missinformed friends. Stop living your life at par with someone that doesn’t have a plan? The best time to prepare is not when it’s urgent, it’s now, long before the world knows that the odds are not in their favour.

So at 65 where will you be? Can you show me how?

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  1. I feel you on this one Bro! A bad experience in CF makes you run from H & C (not anymore)

    Truth is the journey to financial freedom is a tough one but the good part is; it can BE ACHIEVED by just about anyone – educated or not.

    Let the wise listen.

  2. “…those who have sown and not reap, are likely not to sow again and certainly not reap, even though the rain were better the next year…”
    – Nice words of wisdom. And indeed, fear is what hinders many people from becoming truly successful.

  3. True talk Deolu, your analysis is very accurate and correct.

  4. Thanks for your post! Success is really not easy and we should not limit ourselves to involve in entrepreneurship when you know you have the skills and the desire.

  5. True Talk.
    You never stop inspiring me.
    I have been working on a couple of things and this article just added more fuel to my fire.

  6. This is loaded…it is a word is enough for daydreamers.

  7. Can’t stop wondering when people will take their destiny into their hands because God’s not gonna do it for them.

    Isaac kept digging wells even when the hostiles around kept taking the wells from him. He didn’t stop until he dug one and they left it for him. He was determined that he’d dig as many wells as the number of times he lost them until he could have at least one that was his own and let me say this it’s 1 million times easier to seize a dug well than it is to dig another well, but no well, no water.

    All people talk about is the fact that he reaped 100% or 100-fold. How is that possible in the desert without a well or wells.

    Guys, go dig wells and keep digging until you find water you can call your own. Otherwise, you r just fooling yourself.


  8. Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this.

  9. i call this human capacity development. i have never been provoked with words like this.
    now by the virtue of these stated facts, i see that it is not just anybody that will be in that
    1% but only those that start working towards it NOW that will be there THEN when the
    time comes. i have learn t that those who make it today are those that saw today yesterday.
    the urgency to start planning and working towards this dream cannot be overemphasized
    as it is clear that the world’s economy is controlled by the elite, those that have proven
    themselves exceptionally productive.
    at 65, my world would have had causes to be glad and proud that they have me. you Uncle
    Deolu will hear of me and you will be fulfilled to have invested in me. at 65, i must have
    multiple streams of income so as to be among the 1% (the elite), my money must be
    working for me.
    at 65 i must have invested in many lives and helped many find their place in the pages of
    world class enterprenuers, because this i see as the only survivable investment and the
    best way to say thank you to a world that have given you so much.
    if at 65, i am lees than these, it is not because i was not prepared but because i did not set
    priorities right.
    this is my strategy: acquire all relevant skill to fit in the contest, help as many as possible to
    get to the fulfillment of their dreams, organize DREAMS SUMMIT (…a forum to help people
    gather relevant principles to actualize and stay glued to their dreams.) Invest in every
    worthwhile investment opportunity, proven and questioned many theories….and lots more.
    God has made a covenant with me that HE is solidly with me so I’ve got no excuse to fail.
    Uncle Deolu, you are the fire God has put in my bones. I am gratefully grateful to you.

  10. being mong the elite by 65 is a challenge to everyone of us. it is not just wishful thinking or making the right words but working it out. you may ask how? by starting now through mulktiple streams of income. not depending on your salary alone but making and maximising other avenues of opportunities.

    it is great that this post is coming at a time now because many of us has long years before we get to 65 which means we have to plan ahead so that our future do not meet us accidentally. we have no reason not to be among the elite group. it only takes hardwork, working smart, and wanting it bad enough. i have tasted poverty, and to a little extent i have tasted wealth and i have decided to become wealthy.

    sir, if i continue with the pace i am going now, by 65, i will be one of the richest people alive.(God help me)

  11. Deola once again u write something that completely upends my rationalizations! I hope I’ve told u u’ve been the most influence writer (asides from the Bible) to me this yr! and 65 isnt that far off anymore….wow! Interestingly I really dnt want 2 b part of d 1%, is that underachievement?? I’m wondering if the poverty story has been too institutionalized with me?? I knw I dont wish 2 b dependent but financially seems cool 2 me, am I aiming 2 low??

  12. If you don’t make up your mind where you will be at 65, the government, or your boss will. Hey lets start writing our own scripts today!
    Thanks Deolu.

  13. Oga Deolu,

    You just hit the nail on the head.
    I will be financially free even before 65. Will you?
    A wise man leaves inheritance for his children’s children. Don’t think of yourself alone. Gather and make wealth for your children and children’s children.

    Join Holidays and Cash today and get paid weekly for life!


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  15. adeoye abodunrin


  16. Hi Deolu,
    Nice one. Did some math the other day and realised it really isn’t that hard to set yourself free. What is difficult for people is change. If you can change, the battle is won. Cheers.

  17. My goodness!!! This is a good article but sad to me because i was brought up to believe in the 9 – 5 routine. Trully if i continue like this … where will i be at 65yrs? is a scary thought. I must wake up. Thanks for the article and the statistics just brings it home..

  18. Financially free by 65? God forbid what will i be from now till then, there are several ways to build pipelines you can choose to build for 50 years or for 5 years before your tap will start running. He that has ears let him hear, the pipeline building must start now.

  19. i think the question now is not for an inheritance but leaving an empire of wisdom and relevance that will outlive ourselves. All our previous leaders i mean our “freedom fighters” left money, fantastic structures, business empires and lots more but where is the wisdom, passion, intelligence and charisma that brought us independence? money can be wasted if not handed to good, trustworthy and productive hands. wisdom must be communicated, legacies, indelible ones, must be left and handed over to the generations unborn. we do not need successful people any more in our country but people that can bring renaissance,people that will bring economic and social rebirth, change etc.
    at 65 i repeat my world (generations unborn) will be glad and grateful they had me.

  20. Great one!

  21. Good one, thank you

  22. oga deolu, u have always been an inspiration to me. even b4 24yrs, i wuld have been fulfilled lady, a solution to my generation, a blessing to my nation and 2 d younger ones coming after me. Thanks 4 thye good work. ur talks/advices @ unilorin will forever be remembered and taking to pratice.

  23. Wow! I love this. It suit me so much. Thank you so much sir for the statistics. What we do today detaermines where we’ll be tommorrow. This is awesome.

  24. Statistics are not meant to make us talk alone but to help us make a positive decision. It is left for all readers to make a decision to be financially free or dead at 65. What is the good thing about life when you are not financially free. To be financially free means surviving well for a month or year without receiving any salary.

    How many so called grown men and women can say they are financially free?

    As for people like me who are just venturing out into the real world, this comes as a good start for a better future.

    Thank you sir for this opportunity and i’m glad i’m part of this. The video i saw on this rekindle a fire in me.

    Holidays and Cash is simply for those who are ready to be financially free and yet being developed and also finding joy in helping others succeed.

  25. Hi Deolu and this is my first time on this blog anyway but as you said during Beyond-Ife on Saturday, I will be part of the one percent that are financially free. I tried to see you after the programme but I couldn’t get you, I also thought that I would make it to the Why go 360, but I had lectures then and the programme as ended before I could get there. I am a student of OAU, studying Biology Education-200L, but I really do have interest in HR and I need someone who can put me through, I had the chance to met OlumideAyorinde of Rebra consulting and he advised me that I should have you as my mentor, I will really appreciate it if I can get your e-mail add. I really nave passion for HR and I want someone who could lead me aright. I will really appreciate it if I can get your e-mail add. Thanks very much.

  26. Fatukasi abiodun

    Chairman,you ve spoken again.Really,what i ve around me i.e the present books am reading are all about what you ve just said..Great kudos to you.I want to be part of that 1%..My question is how can someone start investing from nothing or if one is having small cash,what type of investment will you suggest for him in this present economic situation of nigeria..Once again,kudos

  27. This is a great talk bro. Many fail to plan,so they start up planning to fail. Many work to live unfortunately,but not live to work thereby making their lives after-work miserable.

  28. Babajide Adewale

    At 65, gosh! Planning is not enough, taking some steps, taking some risk too, making some decisions. I remember sometime ago in the old lagos, there was an over head bridge that was almost broken down, so many pedestrant cros the high way. So one day one of the traffic officers acussed a person for crossing the express. Claiming that the person is risking is life. Here the response: “What is the difference, it’s more risky to use the bridge”. If we don’t start taking good calculated risk now, then it’s even more risky for us. So what’s the difference.
    A man the leaves wealth, legacy for his children must first acquire the wealth. Someone said if you see an old man pushing truck at 60 ask him what he used his early years to do? Maybe the man actually worked too in his early years but he lack foresight into today, he didn’t take some risk. Many of the people that succeed are those that once failed but still stood up to make strong decision and calculated risk.
    Oga Sir, thanks a bunch.

  29. @Babajide, well said, and well done.

    @ Chinedu, I guess what you meant to say was you were ok with financial indpendence, it’s not aiming low, it’s still high. I however think if you work till you are 65 because your life depended on it, you shouldn’t work after for the same reasons, you should be free to make a choice. Don’t you want to be free to make choices?

  30. Deolu good one to spike some of us up,the truth is 65 might seems like a far not to be reached soon year,but before the snap of a finger you would just realise that you are there and you begin to wonder want you have done all these years,what i have seen is that planning to start and starting now is just the way into all we might dream to be,lifes journey is not as long as you might think,its more than THE is THE DOING,just do it!

    @fatukasi u dont need cash to start investing,even the boooks you read too is a type of investmen,the ques is that is it tailored towards to pursuit.

  31. The medicine that is required to move our generation forward now is CHANGE.After I met you in Lag, I made up my mind that I was going to be financially free by age 45 never 65.The pipelines you’ve taught me to build, am on it and I believe by being consistent and committed will get me there.Everyword I get from u turns me on.E se sir.@ all, we will meet at the TOP where we will have networked the world.Am glad I know this blog!

  32. You know, I once read in a book that most children do not want to get the same results from life that their parents did. I gave it a cursory glance and moved on to something else, but this post has brought that back to mind. I took a look at most of the old people in my family and where they would be at 65, and excepting a miracle – they are most likely going to be dependent on the younger generation.

    Sounds like a bad dream. I simply do not want to imagine myself being financially dependent at 65, and in fact – I will not be, I will be financially free, way before 65.

    Guess I’m gonna be joining the 10% CEO thing.

    Watch out for ME! Cos, we gon meet at the top.

    Thank u v much for this post, sir!

  33. Pretty good post. I just found your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  34. it pays to understand the future. 65 years from now is too much and maybe too small for some other people to plan to take chargeof the future. the men of Issachar understood the times and they were able to do what Israel was supposed to do and as a result they ruled their world.
    65 years from now, the world would be ruled by people committed to research and fact findings, people that faults theory, people that will not depend on one but multiple streams of income, people that will study principlesa and develop on them. lets position ourselves for “the coming wealth transfer”…Africa will rule the world and I AM ONE OF THEM…THE ELITES

  35. This is something we need to think about ……….good job Deolu.

  36. wakey !!! wakey!!! anuuuuuuu……..

    tx bro….lol…!!!

  37. This is a true talk.

    Am so touched by it. Keep it up!

  38. This is an excellent piece, Deolu. Thanks for your dogged effort at adding worth to our society. I can really see how influential you will be by 65, because your kind of future is what you initiate yourself. One’s future starts right now.
    You care to know where I would be by 65? Check out what I have already set in motion.

  39. Loved your latest post, by the way.

  40. Good inspirational piece ‘Deolu. It is sad that our current educational system is designed to produce “educated” graduates who are at best financial Illiterates. Nobody taught us in our ivory towers the basics of balancing your budgets, setting financial goals, investments, business management etc, but only told the age-long lie: study hard, graduate on top of your class, get a great job and you are set for life. The secret to true financial freedom lies in our personal commitment to doing things differently and learning from those who have achieved the elusive feat. I hope we all get this right before it is too late.

  41. There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second.
    Logan Pearsall Smith.
    it is very importatnt to understand that enjoying the labor of one’s effort is a function of preparation to get what you want and viewd from any perspective, the human race is entangles in the web of working and securing the future.

  42. I think I will try to recommend this post to my friends and family, cuz it’s really helpful.

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