Sunday , 16 June 2019
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What Do You Do?

adeolu akinyemi

This is a question I get asked in a number of meetings, and here is a shocking fact. I can attend 6 meetings back to back, answer the question with different answers and be absolutely honest :). I can also ask 6 people who know me, and there answers will be different as well. Am I suffering from multiple personality disorder? Or is my life really so exciting? 🙂 Well I’m sure my life is exciting! What I want to do today however is tell you the most important Job that I do. It would still be difficult to classify me, but it will be easy to approach me.

1. I am a Teacher – I teach on a number of topics, financial intelligence, entrepreneurship, personal development, social media utility, team effectiveness, personal leadership development, e.t.c. I facilitate and write under 2 companies.

2. I am into Retailing – I am a director in and provide strategic input to a few growing retail companies.

3. I am into Travels – Yes, our company bought a 30 year old travel company and we organize tours for people around the world.

4. I’m into Real Estate – We buy, build and sell Properties. This one really sounds good to say, as everyone wants to own a house someday.

5. I am a Pastor – Yes, I have the gifts and calling of an apostle, a prophet and a teacher. I am responsible to the body of Christ this way. I am a stone in God’s house, also pastor a local assembly.

6. I’m an Entrepreneur! I have the capacity to see new opportunities and start up another business line in weeks. Agriculture, Entertainment, Education, Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics, Power are all possibilities.

7. I am a Networker! Yes, this is the least understood, but my favorite! It’s the stream from which the rest flow. It’s the one activity that every other person can copy and leverage on, and the vocation that births expressions in the other dimensions. It is where I can truly help others succeed. This is my gate to the world. Here, I help!


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  1. Oh Yes Bro !!!!

    The many sided of God in Man !!!!

  2. You are a gift to mankind. Bravo!

  3. Complete in Christ

  4. Good to know you. There are still more about what you do than what you listed here.

    I’m of many good sides to and I anwser to people in the area they come to me for development

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