Sunday , 20 May 2018
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Watch-Outs for 2013

Last Financial Intelligence Update for 2012.

I want to say a big thank you for all who rode with me in 2012. I couldn’t have continued if I didn’t know you were reading and for many of you responding. Thanks for helping me be a blessing in the little way I have been, and thanks for the encouragement.

As you prepare for the year 2013, there are a few t’s I’ll like you to cross and a few i’s I’ll like you to dot.

1. Don’t start 2013 without clear financial goals. Get a copy of my Creating Your Wealth Map Workbook, and clearly write down your goals. Plan to use it all year this year. You can get it from 08072692084 at “Our Place”, 7 Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street, Off Toyin, Ikeja Lagos. If you want to be a reseller, contact the same number, it will be very key for people this January. You can get the book too.

2. Assess your friendships in 2012 and make conscious and deliberate effort to upgrade your relationships. Identify your good friends and invest more in them, and make new friends that will shape you more in the direction you want to go. We become like our friends, and a good friend, is better than a good book.

3. Be guided! Identify 2-4 people that can provide you with balanced counsel at least once a month. No matter how good you are, find someone to report yourself to. Don’t invest a Naira without guidance. Counseling and Mentorship is free, but make sure it costs you. I am organizing a Financial Mentorship Session monthly, the first one is Jan 19th. Enroll today for free by sending sms to +2348072692134.

4. Commit to Learning, Teaching and Doing! Don’t coast along in the year. Deliberately advance yourself and advance others. What you don’t teach you don’t own, what you don’t own you lack motivation to practice.

5. Depend on God! If you don’t know God, this year will be one in which you should venture to know him. Many things will fail this year, but those who know their God will be strong and do exploits. Be conscious of God’s guidance, don’t play it down, in 2013, it will be key!

6. Ask -“How can I make it better”. Instead of complaining and lamenting, ask how you can contribute to make it better. Don’t point fingers this year, take responsibility.

7. Get online this year. Really get online. The future is online. Don’t be left out. What you know is getting obsolete, get linked up to current information. Get online. Follow me on twitter.

Get your friends to follow me on BB, the first is full, the second is going. Maybe in 2013 BBM3 and 4 will cost an annual fee. Who knows 🙂 ? BBM2: 29561420

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Mr Deolu,

    Thanks for the tips. Is the mentorship program going to be online? I’m presently serving at Abia State, and I want to partake in the program.

    Thanks for been a source of motivation to me sir. I’m looking forward to working with you more.

  2. Sound stuff CM
    Funny i have been having several similar thoughts myself.
    Looking forward to a very unique and fulfilling 2013.
    I am taking your advice and realy getting online this year , looking forward to fruitful connections, interactions and collaborations this 2013 .
    in the words of the old song “am coming out , am Coming”
    happy new year in advance Sir

  3. Thanks Deolu. Perfect tips for the year. Keep up the good work!

  4. My MD,
    This is another thought provoking letter to all who knows and appreciates or who may want to know what it takes to give ones life a meaning. You are doing really great. More is thy due more than all could pay.
    Happy new year and remain blessed and focused.

    Barr. Bon

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