Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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“After a keen competition between Omozele and Ikotun Adebisi, I’m glad to announce that the winner is…. to be announced on the next post, and the gift too”



In the last 4 days, I have learnt a lot of things, seen a lot of things and heard tons, but interestingly it’s amazing me that the things that left an impression on me where not the things that talked to my head, but the things that ministered to my heart. Never in such a concentrated period of time have I seen myself cry and weep in succession. Yesterday was worse, I couldn’t keep the tears back for 30 mins, and my handkerchief had been left behind in the room where I slept. It was so bad, that I couldn’t even respond properly to the lady beside me who was trying to let out her emotions by talking to me. We were perfect strangers, but I was no where around, I was too far away and too long gone to interact in words,  what I heard touched my heart and lit the fires in my soul. Ife, get ready for me on the 13th of June, you’ll be seeing a reloaded version of me!

The words I heard were not the words of gifted orators, there was nothing spectuacular or polished about their phonetics or their use of English. In fact, they couldn’t even speak in English, both of them. They spoke in the languages they could communicate with while someone was kind enough to interprete. They kept me in one cycle of emotion after the other for over 30 straight minutes. I’ll try and share with you the message with hopefully close to the intensity with which it hit me, I hope this makes you search your soul, review your life, and weep deeply as well. I hope it changes you like it has changed me. It was simply unbelievable!!

First Guy.

Description: This guy could not speak English, he came from Papua New Guinea. This is a country with less than 6 million people, only 18% of which live in urban areas, most of the population is made up of villagers. The country is extremely culturally diverse with over 850 indigeneous languages. High rate of illiteracy and over 1/3 of the population live below the poverty line of $1.25 per day. He came to talk about how and ecommerce based Network Marketing company had changed his life, and how he travelled internationally for the first time in his life with over 100 of the people he had helped to succeed.

His Story: This guy confessed that he can’t operate the computer and does not know about internet, he hopes that one day he would learn, or teach himself. He had worked as a truck driver for 15yrs of his life. On the day he heard about the company and the business opportunity, he was in shorts and slippers, but today he now wears a trouser and a shoe. He had a life savings of $6000 prior to this time that he wanted to use to buy a second hand car. He used it all up to buy products and signup his loved ones. His father died shortly after earning $2,500, he really wished his father was here now.  He dreamt that one day he’ll sit close to the front of an international conference, but today he is speaking in one. The person who introduced him to the business, is the same person interpreting for him today! He hopes one day he’ll be able to speak in English, he built his business by showing people prerecorded videos, he couldn’t even present. He thanked his upline and the company for changing his life and making him someone who at 50+ could ever travel out!

My Thoughts: As I listened to this guy, I imagined drivers, I imagine how disadvantaged he was and is. A town that rocks of earthquakes and tsunami’s frequently, a country that is almost totally a village. This guy raised his life, but beyond that, he had a rooting crowd of over 100 people who were able to afford ticket and conference cost to follow him. People who cheered him all the way as their leader, brother and friend. What am I doing? What are you doing? What are we doing?

Second Guy

Description: This guy shared a few greetings with us the previous day… he was one of the deaf guys, apparently he’s the leader. This guy was from India, he cannot hear neither can he speak. He communicated with sign language throughout, and someone interpreted for him… apparently the lady that introduced him to the business.

His Story: He was born deaf. His father was wealthy so he went to good schools, graduated and became the MD of his fathers company. They ran the company well together for 2yrs until the company folded up. Things were so bad, that his wife – also deaf, had to be supporting their entire family. She was an artist, so she sold artwork to feed the extended family. She did this for 2yrs. Heard about a proper network marketing company in 2007, was doing nothing so he borrowed money to buy the product and signup. He wanted his Dad’s support but was not sure about if the dad would be interested, so he asked the dad to come with him to a presentation to help him judge the business. Thankfully his dad came out with a smile and promised his support. Today he has many deaf people that are succeeding in this business ( He came with 17 of them to the event). 4 days a week he’s out travelling and building his network, he wants to work hard now so he can retire early. His business is not only in India now, he has networks building in Dubai, USA, Uk and a few other countries. He’s bought himself a car and many other luxuries in his 1.5yrs in the business. He adviced us not to pity deaf people but to encourage them to take responsibility. He told us that if he can, we all can.

My thoughts: As I listened, I couldn’t really control myself. This guy is deaf (he said we shouldn’t call them dumb), this guy had 17 people who could afford to travel with him… applauding him and thanking him for giving them an opportunity. He borrowed to start, how amazing! In 1.5yrs, he’s really changed his story instead of whinning about his circumstances. He also looked young, less than 27yrs old for sure. He got loads of rejection but refused to be deterred. He promised that next year he would bring 50 people, and more in subsequent years. Deaf fa! Unbelievable!

Interestingly I discovered a few shocking realities that I will share in future posts. How the most successful and celebrated people had built huge networks, lost it all and started afresh from scratch. I discovered that to do this thing right the heart beat must be to raise ones self up to help others. In the corporate environment it’s success no matter how it affects others, in this industry the real practice is my success is how many people I help to be successful. With no losers, since all get a product that benefits, and have an equal playing feild in achieving success. I asked myself deep questions, who are my proteges, who am I mentoring and what have I helped them to achieve. I have been approached by 50+yr olds for mentoring and by teenagers. I have also been approached by parents on behalf of their children. I remember the words of Jesus however, who said not all those that call me lord, lord will enter into my kingdom, but those that do. I’m tired of having mentor, mentor, talk and mentor, mentor email. I’m entering into my season of action. I’ve climbed the Olumo rock and fallen, but it should not stop me from learning, building myself and attempting the everest. Failure is what happens when we stay down! If the people that need to be blessed prefer to analyse and paralyse, the unlearned, the hairdressers, drivers and special people will rise up instead. 

When I land back in the soils of Nigeria it’s with unbelievable fire. Let he/she who has hears hear. Don’t jump into anything however (No Boards), if you want to be mentored or coached, get ready to submit yourself to the process. I have vowed and pledged unredemably that I would position and drive myself to help people succeed, via the use of the vehicles that God has granted me grace with! Many would love me and I would offend some, but I will not back down or be deterred from the direction I hear God bidding.

You can send me a personal mail, if you really know that you want to be mentored.

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  1. Hmmmm….

    It is unbelievable that troubles are the catalyst to success.

    I seriously need schooling. I will be glad to contact the fire from you o and set my world ABLAZE!

  2. I ll keep my fingers crossed until you get back. Keep up the good work.

  3. The greatest joy is seeing what you believe in grow, They showed that it takes nothing too big to achieve that which you so desire just your will power and determination. first believe in yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to, when you do then nobody can tell you otherwise……like a say i read always ‘’Do what you feel in your mind to be right for you’ll be criticized anyway’’
    Deolu may God grant you the grace to succeed in this task ahead.

  4. Cm i will really like to hear the story of those that built their network and lost it. Will like to learn from how they started again. Am ready for action now.

  5. I was touched by these messages. There really is no excuse for failure in any endeavour. The mind that’s prepared to succeed at all cost will definitely attain great success. I’m set out for great success. I’m paying whatever it costs and God’s definitely backing me up.

  6. Ok… my appetite is whet now… waiting

  7. CM,

    “build networks and successful people or die trying” is my new maxim now. Pls bring back some of the water you are drinking there o so that i can drink as well and reshieve the shpirit.

    Wonder why you hardly ever cry in Nigeria though. could it be linked to the fact that there are almost no tear-provoking situations?

    We certainly need to develop “weeping stories” in Nigeria (I mean those that can make Deolu Akinyemi weep o, not just any kain story)

    great post sir

  8. I am encouraged, it is really unbelievable. Please i want to share something with you privately. Please.

  9. I tried looking at the picture posted here so closely. This is truly unbelievable. A house standing up-side-down.

  10. @Ifects…simply unbelievable

  11. what an inspiring message.

  12. it pays to add value to peoples life. the greatest impact ,an has ever made is on his fellow human being. its good that Uncle Deolu has decided to teach more people how to fish. I will send mine immediately so as to get on board for this wind of change.

  13. Sir,
    We all need to get together into the flow, the spirit is willing to fly.Am ready to receive all that you have to offer.Thank you Sir.

  14. I do not think the first guy can be considered poor with ‘$6000 life savings’!

  15. @Dolly,

    That’s $33.3 per month for 15yrs without interest. He wanted to use it to buy a car… his first car.

    That’s really poor trust me, anyone with less than that is Por, can’t even afford the complete o. I know many people live like this, there are average people that spend his live savings per month.

  16. @Adeolu,
    Your world must be a wonderful one. The people I know who spend $6,000 a month are not ‘average’ not even in the US the home of Dollars.
    That is just how I see it.

  17. @Deolu, To be truely successful in life, you just have to help people become successful, its a Biblical principle “To be greatest in the kingdom, you must be a Servant 1st” Only when you become a Servant,then you can become a Master. I’m here deolu u have my support, like i told you, I have resigned from paid Jobs, to find my purpose here and with Dreams and Commitement I’ll get there.
    Waiting for u.

  18. Babajide Adewale

    Awesome! this piece is actually tearing apart. It’s good that you are there, thanks for representing us there and re-presenting your experience. we are most grateful. This is another think and act opportunity. I hope to do something quick about this.
    Tanx Oga!

  19. Got a strong urge in my heart since monday to take an action for my life now. Believe this is where to start from .Chairman, I’m signing up for the mentorship. I’m not particular about the financial thing, I know I will someday be free, I’m working at it. I only want to make a difference in the lives of people. It’s a choice I’m made in my heart.

  20. Hi, Congratulations to the site owner for this marvelous work you’ve done. It has lots of useful and interesting data.

  21. your success in life is a function of your willingness to live lasting prints on the sands of time like impacting lives.

  22. Kilanko Oluwaseun

    I really need some mentoring,sir. We will see on the 13th. But by the way, so far,BEYOND IFE has been worth it. Expect you there!

  23. what motivating stories. there are no mountains anywhere!everyman’s ignorance is his mountain. spmeone onece asked the question” what will make a man despite his disability to succeed”? and the samer person replied ” when his passion is greater than his pain.” what learnt from this sories are dogged determination of the people to succees despite the first guys disability and the second guys background. great story sir. i will certainly send you a mail.

  24. just yesterday evening, i was discussing with a group of friends about their individual perception of wealth and value. i our discussion i discovered the level at which young Nigerians crave for wealth at the expense of respect for value and without a thought to add value to the lives of people. it came straight to me that i needed to make them understand that their level of success is measured by the number of people you have been able to help find their feet on the sands of success. thanks uncle Deolu for teaching my world.

  25. “Protected: Urgent – To Be Revealed 4pm Saturday” i ran from where i was just to get access to the internet in order for me to see what’s in here, but its not been revealed. this suspense is killing me softly.

  26. wats happening here with the background and other details? i can’t see anything. can some one put me through? or an upgrading/maintenance is on?

  27. @ Deolu,
    This my friend, is indeed, THE AUDACITY OF HOPE,
    There’s a song that says” we fall down, but we get up”
    Deolu, i await the faya you’re bringing.

  28. i must say it’s amazing what power lies in the human mind, for a deaf guy to lead 17 people to a conference… i must say then that i’m not trying. Thx Deolu, i really need to sumit myself to the process of learning, i also need someone to teach me. God bless U.

  29. God at work a man who is diligent is set to succeed

  30. wow! ‘Passion’ – what i thought about as i listened through is to develop an enduring passion

  31. yahaya babtunde shakur

    ummhhhhhh…….. deep inside our disability lies our ability, we only need to open our eyes. Dont allow your backgound to put your back to the ground. we are all born to succeed.

  32. HI Deolu,
    I am greatly inspired by your write ups. NOw hoe do i have access to those write ups on entrepreneurship etc that are coded and not available to all? Please advise

  33. @uncle Deolu you have not responded to the mentorship mails or should I still be expecting?

  34. This is very lovely

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