These Struggles Are For Your Good!

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Once upon a time, there was a butterfly in the last stage of its development struggling to get of its cocoon. It had grown from egg to caterpillar and to pupa, and was about to break out as a beautiful butterfly. It was however struggling badly, and this caring man who saw this site, decided to help the butterfly. Oh what a relief it was, for the pains and burdens of this struggling butterfly to be resolved.

Oh what a joy!

The joy was however short-lived, the butterfly was out of its cocoon but was unable to fly. The young man wondered why, and did a little research.

Here is what he found – the strength required in the wings of the butterfly to make it fly, is developed in the struggle to break out of the cocoon. The struggle is useful to develop the muscles. If you help with the struggle, then you ground the butterfly for life.


  • Endure and if you can, enjoy every challenge and struggle you face today, they are preparing you for success tomorrow.
  • If you dodge life’s classes, you will fail life’s exams and keep repeating them until…

God bless you.

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