Sunday , 20 May 2018
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The Value of Ignorance

I worked hard for 5yrs, climbed the HR career ladder and saw my salary multiply by 10. As the money I made increased, so did my expenses. Financial intelligence lessons years after would later show, that though I had the history of being an academic scholar and of being a professional multiple award winner, I was bereft of financial intelligence.


I spoke at a Financial Intelligence Seminar in February and one gentleman insisted on sharing some moments with me. He informed me that he had earned over N250m in the previous year, but listening to me, he realizes that none of what he spent the money on generates passive income. He bought things he thought were assets, but where not. He was heavily into regret, hearing what I had to say just 1yr earlier could have made him financially free already, and he could have been earning about N2m extra per month.


I spoke at an office meeting sometime midyear, and the MD called me to his office after the event. He affirmed how blessed he was by my presentation, and lamented how naked it had made him realize that he was. To be unconscious of one’s incompetence is the greatest evil of ignorance in the world. He had 1billion Naira worth of “assets”, but no passive income. He vowed to take action immediately, and ensure he can die without his family getting stranded.


I have also spoken to people who worked for 30yrs and left their jobs without reserves. I have seen people who left with a pay off of a few millions, but bungled it as school fees in the must learn lessons that wake up the aspiring entrepreneur. Knowledge has a cost, but compared to ignorance it costs peanuts.


Book a seat at the Financial Mentorship Session on Dec 2. There is a session in Lagos, and there is a webinar online in the evening. The Session is worth more than N25k. Today’s price is N7k. Tomorrow’s price is N8,000. Kindly book with your full details and date by sending sms to +2348072692134 or mail The value of ignorance is what you lose by not knowing.

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  1. Kamo jeremiah Haruna

    True talk.

  2. Thank you for sharing CM. I value financial education

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