Sunday , 20 May 2018
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The Things You are Allowed to Quit – 1

There is a lot of information out there on the power of goal setting and the value of having a dream. There are exciting phrases like –“you can’t feature in a future whose picture you have not captured”, “no wind blows in favor of a ship without rudder”, “set your sails, and God will send the winds” and so on. The power of dreams, and the legitimacy of being drawn forward by a compelling vision are real. What we miss more often however is the fact that in most times, we need to give up to get up. We literally need to come to terms with the things we need to quit doing, to make room for the things we need to start doing. Every dream has a price, and if your dream is greatness, success, impact, financial freedom and all of those nice desires, then here are a few things you need to quit!


1. Quit procrastinating : The best time of your life is now, not later. Your ability to have influence on your future, is what you do now, not what you did in the past or what you’ll do later. Tomorrow is not yours, now is all you have! The secret of getting ahead in life is simply getting started. No matter how imperfect your steps, start first and perfect as you go! For example, join a cooperative and start saving this month, don’t wait till it’s N100,000 do it now at N5,000. What is worth doing is worth doing poorly until it’s done well.


2. Quit blaming others or giving excuses: “if it is to be, it is up to me”. You need to always look at life from the paradigm of a responsible person. Once you place the power to control your life in someone’s hand by blaming them, you will never succeed. I once learnt that excuses are monuments of fools, and tools of the incompetent, wise people dodge them. Excuses are premeditated reasons why failure is ok, it’s not ok, and you can succeed.


3. Quit running from your fears: Courage is not acting without fear, it’s acting in spite of fear. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, or like someone put it lately Forget Everything And Run! Your life will make progress when you move confidently in the direction of your fears and challenge them. Fear is really an invisible monster, once you open the locker, it disappears. It only feeds on your inability or lack of willingness to confront it. Life is larger when you don’t allow your fears to set boundaries for you.


To be continued.


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