Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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The Parable of the Unfaithful Tenant


Emeka just got a Job in an oil company and was desperately in need of a house at a comfortable distance from where his office is located. After a lot of search, Emeka gets a good 3 bedroom apartment in a high brow area in Gbagada, Lagos.

His Landlord is an elderly Yoruba man – Mr. Fashola. The Landlord takes an immediate liking to Emeka, haven served in the East in Emeka’s home town in Awka. The Landlord makes the Lease agreement available to Emeka and does not allow Him to go through any agents, only a lawyer, and Emeka takes possession of the house as a tenant for a 1 year term.

Emeka hardly had time to take care of the Landlord’s house and gradually runs it down. After 1 year of using the place, Emeka moves up to a new apartment closer to Victoria Island and rather than communicate with the landlord, decides to call the Landlord’s bluff and make some clean cash. He decides to let out the house of the LandLord himself and begin to collect rent. He violates all the clear clauses in the tenancy lease agreement, and is working hard to transfer the ownership of the apartment to himself and do as he pleases.

The Landlord happened to visit the apartment on one faithful day and to his utter shock, he finds a new tenant that claims not to know him, and clear signs that someone had attempted to covert this property to his own. The land lord swung into quick action, immediately. To frustrate every attempt to take ownership of the property and get rid of the tenant he knows, and the one that is currently occupying the space.

Emeka is you and I, all of us who manage the stewardship of what is not ours. The Landlord is Jesus Christ, who is really our Lifelord, and completely owns us. The same way there is a tenancy lease agreement, there is a life lease agreement – The Bible. The same way the tenant cannot decide what he/she does with the house outside of the owners permission, the same way the life liver cannot just live his life anyhow he/she wants outside of the owners instruction. Offering a lord a percentage of what you achieved is unthinkable. He must have total ownership of all that is His, the earth and all who live in it.

To someone who has a Lord, obedience does not require choice or processing. Obedience is the responsibility of servants. Is Jesus truly my Lord? Or do I merely call him Lord Lord?

Lord, you are my Lord. I am at your service forever. Teach me to surrender totally to your lordship everyday of my life.

Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi
WhatsApp: 08037228919

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