Sunday , 16 June 2019
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The Parable of the Noisy Car…


Tayuuun yun yun… Ratatatata… Bruum Brummm

If I give you fuel for your car, it’s so that your car can move! When you car moves, it will make sounds! The purpose of the fuel is not so that you car will make sounds, it’s so that your car will move. If technology advances and cars do not make noise anymore, I will not say there is no fuel until it stops moving. Is that clear?

When did we replace the purpose of the Holy Spirit’s baptism which is meant to be to embolden and fire up our witness for Jesus, with speaking incoherent rants? When did we prefer the noise to the witness? The purpose of power is to carry out all that is required for effective witness. The Logo was a tongue of fire – Convicting communication, the result was a strong message that got people to repent, the manifestation was diverse – from speaking in other languages to speaking in tongues.

If 10% of acclaimed “Spirit Filled” believers were truly spirit filled, then the book of ACTS would happening all around us. Reading the book of ACTs this week, I am persuaded that many people may have received the spirit of tongues.

May we never take the manifestation and leave the substance in Jesus name! Amen!

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