Sunday , 20 May 2018
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The Disciplines Of The Wealthy 2


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We have explored the fact that the wealthy make their passion their vocations. They pursue their dreams, and money follows as a consequence. We shared that when you find the work that keeps you really busy and you enjoy it, you have found a labor of love that will propel you to wealth and greatness.

This discipline I’ll like to share today may stun you a bit, but wealthy people have exceptional sales skills. Let me not kid you, it doesn’t matter how much you are not a sales person, and how introverted your temperament is, if you are not ready to learn how to sell, then don’t waste your time fantasizing about wealth. Quit the dream and settle for mediocrity. Remember, “blessed are the hopeless, they shall not be disappointed”.

If you are keen on wealth however, then you must know that it’s a discipline of the wealthy. Why? Because the origin of money is trade by barter, and except you have some value to trade you can forget about money. The world has since changed and man has invented a legal tender to equate to value, but the methods of accruing has not changed, it’s by having something of value, and being able to trade it in for what you want.

Nobody was born with skills, skills are developed. What we all have at delivery are the raw materials for different skills, by learning and practicing we perfect the art. Study the great people around you, they have the ability to influence others, and sell their philosophy, their product or their dreams. You also need to learn how to sell. Interestingly, I have loads of content for you on twitter already. Just go to or search for #Selling

In case you want to test out your selling skills and earn a little income by the side as well, I am putting a team together to hold you by the hands to achieve phenomenal success. Just got here, fill the form and get my free e-book on simple truths. Watch out for my new book on selling!

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