Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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The blind men and the elephant

13344778_10154253592141202_8659295902185515418_nMany times when we share our views and they are different from others, we believe we are right and others are wrong. We judge based on our limited senses, some argue it’s a matter of perspectives. The truth however is, we can all have 5 different opinions, we can all be sharing our real perspectives based on our experiences, but we can all be wrong!

Truth is not relative, there is an absolute truth, it’s a view that sees all the small fractions of truth, but sees the big picture. Truth is not based on how many people believe it, it’s not based on your angle or my angle, truth is universal, and can only be measured outside the boundaries of time.

When Jesus said these words – “I am the truth! the way and the life! He really meant it. He’s one human who came in here, and left here without a tomb. His perspectives are not past, they are present and more current than tomorrow’s news.

Call what you see a spear, a rope, a wall, a fan, a tree trunk or a snake, argue all you like, the Big picture universal truth is, it’s an elephant. The bigger the picture you see however, the more you understand with, and feel for those arguing about their incomplete perspectives. Selah.

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