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Wired as an Employee

Written by Adeolu Akinyemi. Posted in Career, Change, Courage, Security

She wakes up very early in the morning, gets ready in a hurry, and leaves to work in a giffy. She’s been doing it like this for 4yrs, so she doesn’t really see it as a big deal anymore. She is fine and doing well, for as long as no one asks fundamental mind boggling questions. She’s become a master at her routines; she’s even grown to add on more responsibilities. The pay is not bad, gets her going, and gives her a little extra to create a few options for herself. She’s giving her family better than she got, life is good.

Once in a while however, her boat is rocked. She goes to church or a special meeting, and the speaker preaches a storm about dreams, about visions, about passion, about God, about a purposeful life, about living a fulfilled life and about eternity. Those same words that once created the picture of a beautiful peaceful world few years ago, now create internal anarchy within her system. The picture it represents today is abstract. Her mind is drawn to ponder, and the thought of how far away she has wondered away from her dreams and true desires is mind boggling. She hears the phrases all too common in those meetings – “What will you do if failure was not an option?”, What is your plan B? e.t.c. Inside her heart she knows the answer is different from her current vocation. She shrugs it, what can one do, isn’t it the first thing to simply survive? She struggles with those thoughts over the weekend, but when Monday comes, she resumes her routine. Unconsciously, she has been wired to see life as an employee, and change is costly!

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