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Joseph Principles 1 – Responsibility

The episodes on the life of Joseph have been quite revealing. The lessons from his sojourn from the plains of Padanaram to the elevated position of prime minister are chronicled under the “Where are You?” Series here. You can also catch a glimpse of the Joseph story here. While it is interesting to benchmark the key stops and stations in …

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God is Doing a New Thing!

Don’t Miss What God is Doing! When He wanted to change the world, He started with a Carpenters son and 12 disciples. God’s greatness usually manifests from small places. When God wanted to collapse house of Eli, and move away from their priesthood, he grooms their replacement in the same house, a young boy serving and totally committed. Goliath killers …

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Who are you Following?

Who are you following? The first ministry charge that Jesus gave was simple and straight to the point. It wasn’t attend my “Church”, he had none. It wasn’t become “A Christian”, it wasn’t a term he was used to. His first charge was very simple, straightforward and still relevant today – “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of …

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Jesus is not an App!

The world does not get Jesus, and unfortunately neither do many people who claim to be Christians. Jesus did not come to introduce another religion, far from it. He was totally against the grain of religion, and differed greatly from all of them. All religions have teachers who point the way, Jesus came and said – I am the Way. …

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Yes Lord!!

You Can Share This! I have always done what He says do! None of His commandments have been too burdensome. If you know me, you’ll know this to be true. I followed His directives when He made it clear to me that I was not meant to accept a Fellowship Pastoral office, even though it seemed absurd then. I followed …

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Escape The Curse Of Poverty!

escaping the curse of poverty

A young man was taken to the police station for disturbing peace by fighting with another man who had connections, and gang beaten by 3 officers in plain clothes. He was thrown into a cell, and in a short while died. A fellow cell mate, who was initially taken for loitering was arraigned for haven killed him. He was compelled …

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Circulate This! It will Save lives!

2 Cor 13:5 – examine yourself as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Prove yourself; don’t tell me you are a Christian because five years ago you walked an isle. Don’t try to tell God you are a Christian because you went forward in a meeting, you went into a prayer room, you talked to a counselor, …

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Are You Ready For Change?

I am grateful for where God has brought me thus far, it’s been an eventful and exciting journey and I’m grateful for the people that have crossed my path, nothing is accidental. Even the unplanned by man is designed by God. I remember a few years ago, when as young teenager, I left my house at 4am in the morning …

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It’s a NEW Day for Nigeria! It’s Happening!!

It may not be apparent to the untrained eyes, but my eyes have seen the birth of a New Day for Nigeria! The future we once ruminated over as young chaps, is becoming a reality right here and now in our mid ages. The Nigeria of our dreams, where the viral disease called corruption finally has an identified cure and …

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