Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Before It’s in the NEWS

I want to reveal a secret to you, please relax. You have already gotten to open this post, so you are ahead of a long line of people who wait a little longer to read. I’m going to share my heart with you, I’ll hope you’ll read me with your heart as well. Once our hearts believe, our heads can …

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Where will you be at 65?

It’s after midnight as usual, it’s been a really long day. Ever since I made up my mind to be in more circulation and leave my comfort zone, lagos for a while, I have experienced new things. The journey has been long and tedious, but somehow I feel a grace of God upon my life guiding and protecting me. All …

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Good, the enemy of Great!

As you read this article I am writing, I’ll like you to think about your life, and ask yourself questions that will move you from where you are to where you are capable of being. I remember vividly an event that occurred about 11yrs ago back in OAU -Ile Ife. We had invited this preacher to school to come address …

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