Saturday , 22 September 2018
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Shocking Facts from Jesus in Matthew 25


Those who are doing just enough to make Heaven, will not make heaven. If the goal of a worship centre is to make Heaven, they are raising foolish virgins.

If you don’t disciple others, this is Heaven’s verdict – you are wicked, lazy, cautiously living, playing it safe and deserving of being cast into outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. God wants us to get working, live fully, interact with the world around us and disciple them. The parable of Talents is not about money, it’s about discipleship!

There are people who will have access to eternal life, who never knew Jesus directly. You can’t qualify for this by trying to qualify for this.

Dear God – Help me to do more than the least. Help me to offer my life as a platform for you to live fully. Amen. Help me not to be so hardworking on earth, and get to you and be called Lazy – Give me people to disciple for you, and the resources to disciple them. Amen. God, help me to come to fullness of stature, let me be one of your brethren whose life gives people access to you and ultimately the father. Amen.

I pray that God grants us all grace, to delight in His word, and understand it. Amen.

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