Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Prayer Letter to God – Psalms of Adeolu

Dear God,



I remember growing up singing this song in my primary school assembly.

Please make these words real in my life, even more today!


Day by Day, Dear Lord of thee, Three things I pray

To see you more clearly

Love you more dearly

And Follow you more nearly

Day by Day!

Let my seeing you more clearly, birth loving you more dearly, and let my loving you more dearly birth following you more nearly, day by day.

Help me to Know You, the reality that makes me desire salvation, but let me not stop at knowing.

Help me to See from your perspective, the Heavenly view that is the bedrock of truth, but let me not stop at merely seeing.

Help me to Live with Conviction, the willingness to die for what I know and See, but let me not stop at merely living.

Help me to Do the things I Know, See and Choose to Live by, but let me not stop at merely doing.

Help me to Become a Person of Character, let my Christlikeness be evident to all. Then make me an inspiration for others to do the same.


Let my Epitaph Read Like David’s in Acts 13:36

“And when Adeolu Akinyemi had served God’s purpose for his generation, he died!”

(Replace my name with yours and send to friends if you so pray or simply share)


And may my life be a motivation, for the reader of this prayer to have the same Epitaph. Amen.


Adeolu Akinyemi


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