Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Parable of Talents!


This is one of the parables that the thieves have used to rob the church of valuables! This parable is simple – Jesus used the game of finance to illustrate a deeper truth. The parable of talents is not about money… it’s using money to share what will happen in the day of Christ.

The deeper story is that the talents represent true economic value – The Souls of men! What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul. What will a man trade his soul for.

The parable shows, that those who were forgiven much, went out and disciples others. The man who felt what the master gave him was small, and that he would at least labour not to lose his soul came with the one soul – probably his own!

Jesus demonstrates, that those who will not disciple others, are wicked, careless deserving of losing their freedom. At their end there is darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth.Let me share a heart break with you tonight before I call it quits… I interacted with a lady today, someone I’m trying to disciple… I asked her how long ago she said her last sinners prayer. She calculated – 30yrs. I asked her how many people she had discipled.. she answered none!

I asked her what the eternal destination of someone who doesn’t love Jesus is, she said Hell. I asked her what was the proof of loving Jesus, she said Obeying his commandments. I asked what is his commandment, she said… love… which is disciple… the great commission. I asked her if she loved the Lord by inference. I asked her why not… she told me that the Church needs a paradigm shift… and that she can’t really blame her pastor because she has the Bible.

Friends… this is beyond merely doing word and water challenge. There is an epidemic of souls being warehoused for an eternity without Christ! Disciples without a cost! Followership without commitment. Christ without a Cross. Dangerously deceived people who think they are sons of Abraham while Jesus recognizes them as sons of the devil.

My brothers and sisters… Jesus came, discipled a few… and told them to do what he did to them… let the fire keep burning… let’s be discipled.. and let’s disciple others. It’s not informal… its’ direct. I can’t say I am discipling someone who doesn’t know… it’s work that can finish.


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