Sunday , 20 May 2018
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No Excuse for Not Planning Together!

I spend from what I earn, my wife spends from what she earns – that’s receipy for disaster! Why lose the opportunity to achieve a lot more by working together in synergy.

It’s not easy, I know. To be accountable to your spouse or to constantly communicate how much you are earning. It feels like being naked before your wife. Well, I’m sure you are literally naked before each other often, this shouldn’t be so difficult.

I recommend that at least once a week you meet for a financial budgeting and review session. Do this together! Plan, defend your budgets and review weekly. Achieving great things requires deliberate effort.

It will not be exciting the first few times, but as you learn to trust your wife and depend on her it will. As she understands more, she becomes less and less of an expense column.

Women are really an asset, the question is, are you a good asset manager?

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  1. Really appreciate the write-up but will try. Its a difficult request, God pls help.

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