Saturday , 22 September 2018
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N100 Internet!

It’s amazing how new great things happen and it somehow eludes many of us. I’ve been actively online on my own terms for about 5yrs now, within that space of time like many other people, I have tried all sorts. Having internet access is critical to personal development, almost all the answers you are looking for are available if you can search for it, the Achilles heels in Nigeria however has been internet access. One one side, you have costs, and on the other hand you have the challenge of functionality and coverage.

In the quest to have consistent internet access, or what I call internet-on-demand, I have tried! Multilinks, Starcomms, Glo, MTN, Zain, IPNX, Cobranet, DOPC, VSAT, Reltel, Oduatel e.t.c. Most of these I have personally owned, and interestingly still own and for the last two, I have tried out with friends. I also travel a lot, and have found some of the less reliable ones reliable in other places. I also use a blackberry, all to ensure that I’m always in touch, and always connected to the world. Afterall, you are the same person you were 5yrs ago, except for two things – New People and New Information. A few weeks ago, I got wind of some innovative price slash and re-bundling that MTN was doing. Looking at the details of what the new prices are, there is almost no reason today not to be in touch or be informed. Students, Workers, Job Seekers, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, Entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, now have an interesting deal, that may even set the pace for much more. Please find below an exciting price slash and innovative product bundle that is sure to delight many more.

Research has shown that the highest internet usage in Nigeria happens on mobile phones, with some of these packages, it’s making a lot more sense.

Mobile Internet Bundles

Data Plan: Daily,  Data Volume:10MB,  Price: N100, Validity Period: 24hrs, Activation Code: Text 104 to 131

Data Plan: Weekly, Data Volume: 25MB, Price: N400, Validity Period: 7days, Activation Code: Text 105 to 131

Data Plan: Monthly, Data Volume: 100MB, Price: N1000, Validity Period: 30 days, Activation Code: Text 106 to 131

The MTN Data Plan with Modems also just got better. The prices have been slashed and for N8,000 (instead of N10,000) you can now get 5GB (Instead of 3GB) download 24/7 for one month, you can get 9pm to 6am and 3GB for N2,500 monthly. There is also a daily plan with 150MB for N500.

For me, personal development just got cheaper. On the days you feel like you can simply connect for N100 and get your mails, facebook updates, twitter updates e.t.c. One can simply also use the N100 option as a trial to see if the link is good, useful or not, and if it is, can scale up in weeks that are busier or the whole month through! I understand that this works well, with any phone that is internet ready.

How does this work? Which types of phones are covered? How do I get my old SIM enabled? How do I know how much data I have used? How do I know how much my data can do? How many MB does gmail consume when I do the basics? How do I activate? Are you asking these questions?

Here is my first challenge, let’s research all there is to know about these bundles and share them here. I think it’s a good opportunity to get some enlightenment and share with others as well. Please avoid cut and paste as much as you can. One point intelligently put forward, positive or negative is worth plenty of unoriginal cut and paste 🙁 In some hours-days, I’ll be sharing what I know, and be putting together a small competition for someone to go away with an exciting phone and enough to kick off a good internet bundle plan.

How does this information benefit you? In many ways – depending on who you are. If you use the internet, great, it means more access. If the internet is a platform for you, this means more audience. If your product relies on the internet, more mileage. Now that we know the price can be better, I guess what we need to find out is how good the service is. Proactively and optimistically, I think great days are ahead. I think this will serve us well in Avenues to Wealth as well, what do you think 😉

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  1. This is what competition brings. The truth is, the new MainOne submarine cable is what made it possible for MTN to reducing their pricing and re-arrange their internet plans.

    Its all good since the consumer wins at the end of the day. What I am yet to find out is if the internet connectivity itself has got better since MTN switched to MainOne.

  2. Wonderful….

    I thought MTN was just trying to do what they know how to do best but this post changed that thought….


  3. Deolu, this is well crafted. keep it up

  4. Anoder breakn news from CM tnk God our primary skull chldren cn now own n pay for their internet as well as report paedophiles wt N100 only

  5. This will be a great change for any average Nigerian to take advantage of the information age possibilities and opportunities, i’m waiting patiently for fuller information about this because it will benefit me

    Thanks Deolu for creating this awareness for some of us.

  6. @ my office, we’re already enjoyin the reduced rates, however from your post, we observed that MTN has shortchanged us as we paid N10,000 about 3 weeks back and were credited with 5GB of data.

    For the statistcis this is how it works out;

    With N10,000 spent to access 3GB of data, you enjoyed 30.72MB for every N100 spent

    With the new N8,000 spent to access 5GB worth of data, you’ll now pay N100 for 64MB.

    So if you subscribe to the new rates, you’re effectively enjoying more than double of the initial rates which will now trickle down to the way you interact on the web. You can watch more live shows on YouTube, you can stay longer on Facebook (as well as your staff!).

    For those interested in the value from the other rates, you’ll have to check here for the calculations later. Hope this was helpful!

  7. The amusing thing is that we could have had these prices all along instead of bringing the reductions just now. Of course, for a company that made it’s entire capital within one year of settling in Nigeria, I’m not surprised that they would want to rip us off…

    But that’s beside the point now. The main thing is that just as you said, self development just got cheaper. It means a lot for Nigeria. All of a sudden, the internet is getting prominence. Our president is the 3rd most ‘liked’ president on Facebook. That tells me that Nigerians are using the internet more than ever and any one who is not online now IS NOT PLANNING TO THRIVE IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

  8. Well, Let’s see how it goes.

  9. CM, thanks for this. Just to be on the safe side, I subscribed for the daily bundle (the idea is to migrate to the larger one if it makes sense). 3 days running thus far, and I haven’t had any issues.
    I don’t necessarily think it’s any faster, but the access is mostly there when you need it, and there’s been no suspicious deductions of credit. In all, I think it’s a great idea.

  10. I currently use the monthly bundle (1,000 naira for 100MB) and it has really been a worthwhile experience, plus network is better than ever, especially in an area with 3G . I can go online whenever I want to which has helped in my school work 2 a large extent + I am constantly informed on happenings around the world. Also social networking has never been better, I get 2 say more 4 less. I know in d nearest future, prices will be slashed further. MTN, keep up d gd work.

  11. Its happening earlier than i thought. With the lunch of Main One Submarine Cable by Main One Cable Company, internet service just got the needed boost. Right now the capacity is there for the taking. Its all a matter of infrastructure to connect.
    Honestly with whats on ground we should be paying less. MTN has lead the way now, lets see response from other providers.
    The needed bandwit is readily available. Days of SAT3 are over.

  12. MTN known for their innovative and being the leading GSM provider in africa came up with great product that even our children in schools can have acces to the internet.Really the provider its not gonna charge much it will be base on what u use.i think MTN is living to their billing as the leading network provider

  13. Waoh…. this sounds more like it. i want to believe everybody should grap the opportunity. Life its believe to be full of changes. MTN has decided to hook on the change. Keep up.

  14. i’m gonna try my dstv mobile with this and be back to tell you how it is. kashimawo

  15. Nice one. I currently use starcomms and will be considering using MTN to browse on my mobile soon.

    I wonder if this service works for push email too.

  16. its a good thing, internet cheap and easy access. for those who may not be on mtn but glo and zain and etisalat, you can also enjoy cheap internet on your phone too.

    code for mtn N100 is 104 to 131 for 10mb 1day validity
    mtn N400 is 105 to 131 for 25mb 7 days validity
    mtn N1,000 is 106 to 131 for 1oomb one month validity

    for more info and question, you can mail me for details.

    for the most reliable internet solution for now you can also get in touch with me. I found the best solution for poor internet service in Nigeria, that about 150 people are already enjoying.

  17. yes, nigeria is partially advancing in science and technology

  18. @ Jesse,

    There is a cheaper internet option… one they call free browsing. Some dodgy back window option that boys regularly create… I hope this is not in your poor internet service option?

    I think these new innovations also help to kick out the options of “Free Browsing”, with the high set up costs and uncertain duration before the service providers clamp down. Or what do you all think?

  19. This is one of the boundless advantages of competition. It shoujd be replicated in electricity provision fin Nigeria for our greater advantage.

    Deolu, Iwant to assure you that GSM/Network Providers will give MTNN a good fight for its money for incresed benefitstto Nigerians. Meanwhile it is worth the price to hook up to the new MTNN offers.

  20. Thanks for the info, this is great from MTN, but of what important is that when they don’t have enough 3g coverage in Lagos-pls let them work on their services & 3g network coverage in Lagos & Nigeria in general than on price.

  21. Hi Mr. Deolu, I had tried the MTN brand of internet in the past among others. I was cheated. In short, it didnt work. What has changed, other than the hysterical adverts screaming at me each way I turn? Today I use IPNX and it moves like a flash, but it also zaps my purse!
    My candid opinion is that since one good turn deserves another, we should also, for our internet need, arrange a deal with GLO, similar to what we have as GLO FREE CALL, with some uniform monthly access fee. We hear GLO is almost here with its own internet infrastructure. My opinion is, let us be a part of it.

  22. YES O! No 1 communication challenge in is hereby solved (or at least on the way to been solved). This is a very welcome development. Others should follow and give MTN a run for their money.

    I would like to know what the average download & upload speeds are anyways. Anybody??

    Thanks CM for the info.

  23. those these bundle packages have anything to do with the service MTN is offering for the purchase of the new Nokia C3 in town,or something entirely different,if it is, i guess that package too needs to be discussed to enlighten us,hope am not advertising now!lol!

  24. This i see as an announcement of a faster and better internet service. I know others are coming with their package soo, but just to mention, mtn has now helped to reduce my phones from 3 to 2, i can now dump my dedicated **** internet enabled phone and use my mtn hotline for my internet.

  25. Deolu, tanx for this timely and useful information.

  26. Competition is good. MTN is just responding to competition. Because Etisalat and Zain was giving N1000 for a one-month 100MB, MTN now saw they were losing clients (MONEY) by insisting on N5000 for a one-month 3G or N500 for a 24-hour 50MB which was then outragious!

    Even their N100 for a 24hr 10MB is not exciting – they just did a spread of the N500 a day 50MB to N100 a day 10MB that could last you for 5 days if you are not a heavy user.

  27. I agree with emma that MTN is just responding to competition, but in the end, we win as customers.
    I have used their service before and had also tested the N100 daily last week when I heard about it and seen that it still hovers between 3G/EDGE but more of EDGE in my area, otherwise, I would have gone for the 8k 5G package if the signal is strong here at Agbado side that I am.
    I support Ngozi’s suggestion that we try to get something from Glo for internet in line of the CUG. Let us have a complete voice-data solution from same source.

  28. @Deolu,

    I’m not talking of the freeCHEAT browsing, I won”t endorse or participate in that. My profile as an individual is worth more than all that.

    I am talking about twicking what we have, leveraging on it and getting a level playing ground. Some people have two, three or more internet modems. If you intend to use more than one network on a modem, without having to buy modems belonging to all the networks, I have those to supply. I’ll tell you why that is an apparent solution.

    Say, you are using stacomms and there comes network itch, what would you do? Go to a cafe or complain? With the universal modem solution, all you need to do is to remove the sim card and put another one that you can load as little as N500 and you can do what you need to do there and then. Sooner or later, the one that gave you headache will be back and you can use it again. voila!

    For now, it has given relief to those I have recommended it to.

    I won’t advocate cheating.
    call me for more info: +2348023119038, or mail me

  29. @Ngozi,

    IPNX works, yes. How many system do you have connected to your ipnx? two/three or one? may me you are paying N15,500 monthly.

    I can show you how you can get a reliable option that will give you broadband access to the internet for as low as N1,000 monthly depending on your usage. I have deployed it at LG office Ire Akari Estate road and I’m helping them save 70% of their former cost for the internet.

    Its simple and easy. You may want to find out more by sending me an email. (check my email above)

  30. Emeghebo Emmanuala

    Thank God is comin down but then there is no 3G network @my new place in abuja new garki Apo. So now am kindof out of reach wen am at home. plz help!

  31. Well, I’m not MTN freak but since is coming from CM, let’s see how it goes.

  32. so this simply means “no excuse”. Failure indeed is an orphan,”abi ta n baba failure?”

  33. As for me, i have tried every Internet device just to have good quality as 95% of my work is strictly online.I started with Starcomms dial up, then starcomms evdo,IPNX,Glo, Mtn and Multilinkstelcom.I guess i have to give the MTN a try with N100 and see how the speed works cos for its the speed that matters.

    I cant wait for GLo1 and Main One to roll out its much publicized ultra super sonic internet speed just as it is found in the Western world.

    I have been deligently following the news of its eventual roll out,i saw on Glo’s facebook page that it will be launching its submarine cable network soon!! Here are the details Glo 1 Submarine Cable Launch
    Where: Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, lagos
    When: Thursday, October 21 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    I hope this is true, any way CM just like Dr Ngozi said ,i think we should work out a deal with Glo on the internet package.

  34. Wow!!! The true fact is i am short of word,i don’t know the one to start with,to praise you for this magnificent write up or to thank you for the remarkable philanthropic knowledge you have impacted into me.I just want say thank you very very much because my joy know no bound.I got to know you,while reading an editoral write up on CNN website about you influence on the live of a particular young man called felix.I hope to keep in touch with you more and someday meet you in any of your seminar.This is my email id should in case of necessity tank a whole lot and God bless you.

  35. My experience seems different from most folks or maybe my expectation is higher. I have been using my phone to browse the internet for close to 2 years now. When there was no mobile plan as the new ones rolled out, I just do 15k/kb to “check” the internet intermittently. When I need to do a lot of work and I have to be mobile, I do the old 500 naira for 50Mb daily plan. My experience with this new 100 naira for 10mb daily plan has not been fantastic. It appears slower. I’m beginning to think something is wrong with my Nokia phone cos almost everyone is positive in their experience.

    In my experience Starcomms seem to be better. What I currently do is 9am to 9pm biz hours on starcomms and 9pm to 6am (on an MTN modem) night plan (for almost 24 hours cover).

    Surely life is better now, remembering the days when I first had contact with the internet, when I use to spend all my break time and a large chunk of my small salary browsing the internet for 100 naira per hour at one ram-shackled cybercafe!

  36. Deolu, i’ve tried it out and it’s the best from mtn so far.

  37. How come this new slash in price dsnt affect Blackberry internet service rates? It is still 5000 Naira…which is quite expensive especially when compared to these new internet plans

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