Wednesday , 17 July 2019
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Men: Generosity to You Wife!

It doesn’t matter how much smaller than your wife you earn, it doesn’t matter if it’s not usually enough for you. You need to demonstrate generosity to your wife. Not only is it a way to express love, it’s a way to attract more.

If you choke the outflow you have invariably choked the inflow. Tightly clenched fists, don’t give, but neither do they get! What makes a man the head of his home is not the size of his paycheck, it’s his willingness to take responsibility for his family.

It’s what you do with the little that you have that qualifies you for more. Being generous to your wife is a significant part of doing.

There are a few family obligations that are crucial for responsible men, don’t miss them. Honoring your parents and loving your wife are commandments, faithfulness in them qualifies you for more!

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