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Life Lessons from Hercules Movie


We organized a hangout session for the current mentorship class, we went out to Ikeja City Mall together to watch the movie Hercules. For many of the participants, watching movies wasn’t something they did regularly. We had a fair balance of different ages ranging from 25 to 60.

We had some pizza and drinks while we waited, and proceeded to watch the movie together and we indeed had a fantastic time. When we got back to class the next day, we shared the lessons learnt, and the lessons were mind blowing! Many of the participants including myself hope not to recover from the experience in a long time!

You can register for the Mentorship Session here, it’s still going for this first set FREE.

Here are the lessons for you to learn and share as well.

1. Make your own Legend

In the movie Hercules, Hercules was really just an orphan who grew up to have incredible strength and a myth developed around him. He always had the option per time of choosing to believe in himself. His legend was that he was the Son of Zeus a god. Think about it, aren’t we all through Christ Son’s of God? We need to believe in ourselves. The Bible says we are God’s and son’s of the most high, but we’ll die like mere men if we do not know! We need to believe in what God says we already are.

2. Never Quit!

There will be those days, when the chips are totally down. If you don’t have your tools, find new tools to use. There is no worthy excuse! No matter how bad things look, those who make up their minds never to quit or stop are those destined to win. Don’t let anything stop you. All great people face challenges, failures quit!

3. Build a Team

The legend of Hercules was forged on what he did independently, but he built his team as he moved on. To achieve your highest in life, you need a team. Consciously build a diverse team. Hercules had a storyteller/marketer, he had someone into the money (finance), someone with foresight (spiritual and strategic) he had a lady (diversity) and someone who never spoke but acted (executor). Grow a team!

4. Diversity

One of the strongest players in Hercules team was a woman. Never under-estimate the role of ladies, your team is not complete without them. Also never look down on yourself as a lady, yes we can!

5. Spiritual Insight is Key

Whatever your belief system, there is a God, and he rules and reigns in the affairs of men. The film also depicts that someone on the team was useful for helping them enquire about the future. Whatever you do, don’t break your life into fragments, there is a spiritual dimension to life and it’s important you know what God’s plans and agenda are. It makes your battles more understandable.

6. Be Priceless

Hercules had no personal agenda, and nothing he really wanted to get, so it was difficult to put a price tag on him. Our price tags, is that thing we want to get at all costs. Let God’s agenda be your agenda, and you can be trusted with anything!

7. Your life is a Story, Make it exciting.

The story teller Nephew of Hercules was into spreading the legend of Hercules. His rousing speeches gave the armies they fought with confidence in battle that they were really on the side of a god. He however decided at some point to add himself to the story, by being brave, by refusing to just be an observer. He was able to have the privilege of saving Hercules’ life. Understand that a story is being written about your life, make up your mind that you are doing things that can be documented.

8. Process can turn farmers to fighters

There is nothing more amazing than the power of human beings to transform from one state to the other by share endeavor. With time, a sloppy team can be built into a strong force. Constantly plug yourself into development, your best you is yet to show up!

9. Teach “why” before you teach “how”

This was a fatal mistake made by the Hercules team in training the farmers. They taught them to fight and were eventually used against them. Power without purpose can end up destructive. If you are responsible for empowering people, first teach them why, show them the values before you teach them how. Let the powers given always be used for good.

10. More Action Less Talk (MALT)

Those who act a lot, don’t speak so much. Do more, talk less, listen more!

11. Become a Friend worth dying for!

It’s looking like the character of all great men, they are willing to give their lives for their friends, and it inspires the friends to also be willing to give their lives for them. This was the story with Hercules, and very much the story with Jesus. God told me a few months ago, that the best I can do for Him, is raise Him a people who will be excited to let go of their lives for Him! True loyalty and commitment is found in the absolute willingness to give up everything to follow your leader. What you have done for people is worth they owe you. If you give them free value, they are indebted, if you give them your life, they would defend you with theirs.


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