Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Lessons from Deuteronomy 7


  1. This instructions are for you when you enter, not before.
  2. Make sure you utterly destroy the enemies – flesh. Everything that has the capacity to corrupt the God culture has to go.
  3. Who are these 7 nations? How do they parallel to the life in Christ.
  4. The reason not to be yoked is again a matter of service. Don’t let anything turn you away from God.
  5. These nations are stronger than you. It’s not an assumption.
  6. You need to destroy these 7 enemies completely. Destroy their altars of worship, break down their sacred pillars and cut down their wooden images and burn them. What are the applications.
  7. God will turn them over to you, on your side, don’t spare them. If God commands it, it means it may not flow naturally.
  8. This is genocide. God sends his people to be involved in genocide so you can learn a lesson. This must be a serious lessons.
  9. These nations can make you lose God worship. Why have we kept them alive.
  10. You were not chosen because of your number, but because God loves you and made a promise to Jesus. It is for Jesus.
  11. He chose us as his personal treasure. Can you fathom that?
  12. God in return keeps a covenant of mercy for 1,000 generations with those who obey his commandments and love him. What generation are we from Christ?
  13. God repays those who hate him to their face to destroy them.
  14. Listen, keep and do!
  15. Because you lkd God will bless and multiply you. God will increase your fruit. The blessing is the multiplication of God’s people.
  16. The diseases are for their who hate God’s people.
  17. Don’t pity the people God is handing over to you. Don’t live in the flesh. They will become a snare to you.
  18. You will not overcome all your enemies at once. There will be process. So you can grow.
  19. Don’t touch the gold or silver of the other Gods. Taking their property is abhorrent to God
  20. Blessings is contingent on commandment of annihilation.
  21. Vs 4. We are meant to follow God, and not be turned away from following Him.
  22. Where is our promised land? Christ. Disciples (fruits).
  23. There is entering the nation and there is possessing the nations. It doesn’t stop with entering, being saved is the beginning of the battle.
  24. Physical vs spiritual promised land.
  25. Are we loyal to God? Is our love loyal? How can our love be loyal.
  26. Types – Hittite- fear, Girgashites – clay flesh. Amorite – Boast, Pride. Canaanite – Selfish greed. Banker. Perizittes – carnal temporary dwellers, hivites- self help, the assumption that immortality can be achieved by self. Jebusite – old Jerusalem and religion. Anti Christs. Doing without will.
  27. God will clear them out, but you have a part to play. There is a faith responsibility to walk with God to utterly destroy.
  28. Our being chosen is a privilege, there is what we must do. We must see this as critical.
  29. If these nations have the same things you long to have, be sure of what blessing is.

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