Saturday , 22 September 2018
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Lesson from the Book of Deuteronomy Chapter 6

  1. deutintrocloudThese are not criteria for entry, they are practices for when you cross over. The conduct of believers.
  1. The purpose is that you may fear the Lord your God and prolong your days.
  1. It’s trans generational you, your son and grandson.
  1. Observe it so you may get the promise. It will be well with you and you will multiply.
  1. Love God with all you have.
  1. Teach it and reinforce it to your children. Put it everywhere.
  1. Don’t forget God. It is not about you. God gave you rest to serve Him. Don’t become a slave of things.
  1. God is Jealous. He loves us exclusively.
  1. When asked, say this is all about eternity.
  1. It will be righteousness for us. Our lives set right and put together.
  1. God wants us to live in deep reverence of Him lifelong
  1. Speak about God’s words all day.
  1. Don’t fool around with other gods. Like which ones?
  1. God is able to make our lives timed
  1. God wants our deep respect.
  1. From slavery to the freedom of slavery.
  1. God wants us to talk about our encounter with him. To use every opportunity to point at His greatness.
  1. How to put God’s word in your heart? How does it go beyond your head? It means you can!
  1. God is the owner of the standards of what is pleasing.
  1. He brought us out to take us in. Flesh to spirit.
  1. There is a great danger particularly when everything is set.
  1. Good things are not Main things, once you start getting them, be careful not to compare, and go after their Gods.
  1. Don’t just live it. Teach it. There is responsibility. Diligently.
  1. When people ask, when your son asks. Grateful for what God has done. Sikirat. What do you tell people. How do you truly point people?
  1. Now this is the commandment! A summary of the commandments
  1. Love – listen, talk about the person, will not be idle when they are saying rubbish about the person, come alive at the mention of their name, spend time, give attention, appreciate their love, be grateful, move in with God. Make the choice.
  1. God wants us to think about Him.
  1. It’s a jealous love.
  1. Your memory is critical when you are settled. Don’t forget.
  1. Do we realize what God did for us? How can we realize and remember.

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