Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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Is Your Future Bright?

Once upon a time a team of young people came together to have a discussion about their future. They were in their early teens, and they seemed in a hurry to know what their future held for them. The imagined and postulated on what was possible and what was not, who will likely become what and all what not. While they rambled and rumbled, an elderly woman passed by and overheard their discussions and arguments about the future.

The old woman slowed down until they noticed her and kept quiet. With a shrill voice slightly more than a wisper, she looked one of them in the eye, and asked them a question that got them all puzzled, “Is your future bright?” Not knowing whether to answer for himself, answer for everybody or not answer at all, the silence gradually grew to wispers and and sign language. Haven gotten them where she wanted them to be, she went ahead to ask them which of them was willing to look into her crystal ball to see his/her future. The reaction that ensued reminds me of about four years ago, when I was presented with a similar opportunity in Poland, questions within a wide range fly around in your head, let’s not go there. After a while, they joked and heckled and they brazed up and decided to take a peek into their futures. 

The Old woman brought out a crystal ball, but first asked them a few questions. “What do you want to become?”, “What is your dream?”, “What have you done about your dream?”, “What do you plan to do?” After they answered the questions, he showed them the crystal ball, and explained to them what she could see.

Many years later when they had somehow mysteriously become what the woman had seen in her crystal, one of them stumbled on a news paper report, and called as many of the others he could find together. In this news report,  the elderly woman had confessed to the little prank she played over 20yrs ago. The truth astonished them all!  The crystal ball was just a plain piece of glass ball she uses for stress relief, that she had accidentally carried with her that day. There was no future to be seen in the crystal! All she had told them, was what she was sure would happen to them if they had such dreams and such plans. She explained that the ones that had big dreams and no plans, were sure to end poor and frustrated, the ones with small dreams and no plans, poor but happy, and the ones with great dreams and good plans will surely get there! Interestingly, the pictures she described as a prank 20yrs ago, were picture perfect today!

In my little study of people, I have come to discover that very very few people ever pay more than lipservice to their future. It saddens my heart to say that the future of many people is not bright, it could be bright in their minds, but when you get to the brass tax of what they are doing to make it happen, it’s bleak. 

Dreams don’t come to pass if you never wake up from them to make them happen. If you build castles in the air, you must be dilligent to put the foundation under.  I marvel at how many of us have big lofty dreams, but how so few of us are engaging our energies deliberately. The question I want to ask you is are your dreams possible? Are you doing anything that will get you there? Or are you leaving it all in the “dependable” hands of chance? Is your future all a gamble, or can you predict it?

Let’s not be ambigous, let’s delve into a particular possibility. In one of the seminars I do regularly, I ask people what their goals are for passive income when they are no longer in employment, or even when they are in employment but have reached the golden age of 50. Many of them tell me figures that sound too good to be true. I’m usually amazed. I listen with excitement as people role out their dream figures, sometimes I beg them to be moderate, and the lowest I have heard in a long time, is $30,000 per annum.

$30,000 per annum sounds modest, it’s $2,500 per month, and is sufficient to take care of the essentials and leave a little to enjoy a few luxuries. When I ask people however for what they are doing to make this a reality however, is where I begin to see gaps. In Nigeria for example, you’ll need to have invested over $1,300,000 in building a property to earn $30,000 per annum. To get a good view of this, imagine that you have 10 apparments that pay $3000 per annum and ask yourself how much will it cost. If you look at shares, you’ll need a similar amount of investment to get that type of dividend per annum. Business could be more expensive or slightly cheaper. All these sound like doable until you find out how much savings is required to prepare for these goals, and how much the dreamer has. Not all who dream big dreams, have big plans. Many people don’t even have any plans!

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but how do you intend to save N300,000,000 or $1,300,000? Are you hoping to win a lottery? Or is the deal in oil and gas lottery? Or will the small shares you are buying ever get there? It’s either you step up your plans or you cut your dream to size. Which do you want to do?

I discovered something interesting though, with as little as $250, sometimes even smaller and sometimes bigger, you can get to engage in a proper Network Marketing opportunity that can help you deliver your objectives and goals without ever needing up to $1m ahead. Some people get turned off when they hear of network marketing, yet they have no other viable plans. They are like the lazy man in the bible, who is eager to excuse his lack of resources to a lion being in the streets. There is no lion in the street, all that exists are mere scarecrows to ward off the lazy cowards so that the bold may have the first right of access. There are good companies with great models, and there are companies with models that are flawed. I have learnt by experience and can share mine with you, that is if you have not signed a covenant with experience as your only preferred teacher. Unknown to many people, statistics show that there is no other business model that has financially empowered more people than network marketing, you can check.

I haven’t said this is the only way, I have just said this is one of the cheapest and most probable ways. The simplicity might offend you but it’s not the first time that little hinges will swing big doors. Many of us are intellectuals, and we find it so easy to think from our almost set mindframes and conjour terminologies that make new things look bad. Everytime I look around and see companies that have lasted for 10yrs plus and are still growing with 4.5 million customers, or 50yrs, or 60yrs and haven’t reached the utopia of saturaton, I marvel at how for sure we couldn’t be using more than 5% of our brains. I have decided that irrespective of how I am termed, I’ll help as many as I can, not to make money in one year alone like I have had the ill fate of achieving before, but to set them up for a lifetime of residual income. 

Is your future bright? What are you doing about it? If you really want to hear more, then make one of our meetings by using this link, and download this report by clicking here. I also want to go on a national tour and take what I know outside Lagos. I’ll be going to Abuja, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Calabar, Porthacourt, Enugu, Anambra, Ilorin, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ekiti, Ife, Osogbo, Benin, Delta, Warri. If you live in any of these areas and you want to support in logistics or administration, or you want to be one of the key drivers in those places, please contact me ASAP. You can mail me on I also intend to do a West and East Africa tour. I’ll be going to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal, if you also live around those areas, pls contact me. I am in the process of firming my schedule and itenary for these travels. I will also be nominating and planting leaders in each of these regions. If you are in Lagos, I urge you to come on board now, or you will later. Stop wondering about the status of your future. Make your future bright!

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  1. Hmmmm………… this is real word for the moment, i hear you and understand quite well. I’ve been engulfed recently in setting up systems that will help me in driving a number of opportunities. Network marketing is fantastic and i have made up my mind to use every tool my disposal to succeed in it. H & C is a fantastic opportunity in all ramification, i will reach my goal this year, thanks Deolu for the wake up call.

  2. Deolu,you sure are right!many have big dreams but dont have plans.i concur but just like you say,there are many company that one can engage in network marketing but without the right infor you will be scam just like me.I would like to diversify, please can you suggest one or two proven companies?i would be extremly grateful for that piece of infor.

  3. @Jubril,

    You are right, there are many phony companies out there… some without a human face, some without real products, and some with a reward system that practically enslaves you rather than setting you free. The real deals exist, and I can share them with you,

    I’ll send any interested person a mail, you can also mail me.

  4. Chairman, this is as deep as it gets. A rude awakening. I’m going to keep keeping on… bros e no easy o. The dreams are indeed big, but the plans are getting much more clear… Thanks for keeping us coming for more.

  5. The crystal ball has spoke, you better be in on this.

  6. When will we realize that dreams don’t just come true. Ebenezer Obey sang a song many years ago and I’ll try to translate:

    A person who stumbles on a huge fortune in his dreams and is excited had better concentrate on hard work because hunger could kill him if he keeps thinking he will win a lottery! (Well maybe I added a few words to make it more catchy uhn? At least you get the gist?).

    Things don’t get better when we leave them to ‘fate’. They only get better when we make plans.

  7. Lottery ke, me am sure of what the Cristal ball is saying, i dream big and with your help a solid plan is in place. Slow and steady i will become a leader am too sure. Am available for your itenary. He that has ear let him hear,what the spirit is saying.

  8. Hi Deolu,
    Long time indeed! This is very timely (for those that will take advantage of it). Being a student of behavioural sciences, success or otherwise for any individual is intricately linked to a set of certain behavioural patterns.Hence, for some of us that have decided to be very wealthy (and in great health too), this is the way to go! I have of recent, been inundated with opportunities in multilevel and network marketing; the time to act is now! Kudos to you my brother and your entire team and; we really should see? but with this itinery of yours……

  9. Sir, your Spirit-inspired words, I keep saying, burns like fire in my bones!
    Faith (to step out and do the impossible) cometh by hearing and by continuous hearing of such words, we, being fired up, overcome our inertias (those factors/barriers holding us back).
    I am fired up!
    Thank you and much Luv!

  10. Hmm…..i think everyone who has people he or she loves needs to get them to read this article, they will thank us for it. The principles are timeless, reminds me of Lagbaja’s song, “enu dun rofo”.This means it’s very easy to explain how to cook veg soup. People can talk about plans! And if you check what they’re doing, it’s either nothing or something that ensures their dreams cannot happen!

  11. Wonderful!

    I pray that the more you give yourself to people the more God will water you. I also pray that my future and everyone else future will be bright.

    You are valued…Indeed you are a pipe builder!

  12. many have great dreams which is wonderful but like u said, some dont have what it takes to achieveing their is very important we understand there is no accidental success!from biographies i have read, anyone who made it big in life did so bcos they first saw it in their minds eye(vision,dreams,imagination) and they did all they could to bringing it to reality.

    we dont only talk about great dreams. we work towards achieving such great dreams as always sir. u are a great blessing. may the Good Lord bless and Keep you and are a great blessing to this generation.

  13. baba you are BLESSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Infact blessed infinity. I am so privileged to be online now. hearing you speak words that give life. Greatness is terribly intentional. I am achieving it. Pls let me know when you are coming to ilorin so I can host u! bless u.

  14. I love your stories and they are full of lessons.
    Now is the time to take action.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  15. waoooo!
    who said good things of life are too expensive to get. this has proven it all wrong. it just requires you to be connected to the right places at the right times of your life and the lines will fall on you in pleasant places. the future is as productive as you make it be; i always say but what if you do not make it happen.
    thanks for sharing this indispensable truth about the realities that most Africans shy run away from. i strongly believe that an attempt to apply these principles will change the destiny of those who have written themselves out of the scene of reality.
    thanks a million time s because I’m re energized to face my future as i work towards it.
    you are a ROLE MODEL.

  16. hi mentor i will like to discuss some personal issues with you , how do we do that ?
    pls keeep me posted.
    ikotun adebisi

  17. Mr AdeOluuuu,dis is just it,you ve done it again, many of us ve BIG DREAM, big dis, big dat, bt wit liltle 2 none Plan. But sir i am @ a cross*road. i.e As an intending Undergraduate,hw do u think dis ur “Network Marketing” style of making it BIG in lyf can be of Great help 2 me. N/B: without contradicting my Educational Career. I heard u did something @ Unilorin bt nt clear. Pls ur reply will be highly appreciated. Was @ d biz meeting 2day,i must comend u 4 giving out such info. 4 free. Frm me 2 U its a BIG THANK YOU!!! GOD Bless U.

  18. Kilanko Oluwaseun

    Oga Deolu,God bless you for this message. This message is real,many of just dream big but no plan in place. I am motivated and inspired.

  19. I wonder what it will take some of my people to wake up.Many pay lip service to their future but are not ready to give what it takes. Some others really toil day and night but in the wrong areas because they are still living in the old order of thinking. They in the rat race. Moreover they are so myopic and skeptical that they shut their minds to anything new without giving themselves the benefit of discovering if it is good or bad.
    Well, Deolu is like the prophet that will not give up but to declare the love of God and the need to repent. This time we will not give up on our people to secure a financial future.

  20. Gbemileke Olaleru

    i have lost touch with your site for some months now, and immediately i logged on to it this night, i just saw a great deal of how much i have missed. You know having dreams is just as easy as reciting ABC, but actualizing them is something a lot of people dont know how to go about. You pointed out that there are many coys that one can engage in network marketting could you pld shed more light on this for me pls. I have been thinking of what i can invest in. Thanks for being a source of inspiration.

  21. this has set me seriously thinking. practical planning as deolu has revealed is essential to success. thanks baba dee. this ur itenerary, for those in the south west, and someone available for cordination on a weekend, hw far?

  22. “you can get to engage in a proper Network Marketing opportunity that can help you deliver your objectives and goals without ever needing up to $1m ahead”… i believe you and can’t wait after missing that first offer (you remember?)

  23. deolu,i luv wat u are doing keep it up

  24. I have been quite busy trying to get my dreams to become my brighter future..its a process and its not our dreams are different and happen at different times and for different people..their dream may be something that another will consider easy and cheap..But the bottomline is, we should all endeavour to actualise our dreams and also help as many people achieve theirs, which is what you do constantly on this blog.God bless you for this my Prophet!..For those that do not know..There is the ABC of dreams….
    A – Action..Prove that you believe in your dream by taking actions to achieve it..Actions taken can be taken under the “WOW” way..WITHIN ONE WEEK..i.e those reading this piece from Deolu should do something about their dreams either by emailing for more info or doing things that will help them actualize their dreams..B – Believe in your dream cos if you do not believe it..when doubts come, you will give up. C – Clear values: Be clear about your dream ! I ..This can be reversed to CBA of dreams..Clarity,belief and action! May God help us all in Jesus name amen!

  25. i asked myself why i had to re visit this issue, and the answer i go was that it is new every morning. i wonder why many Ngerian youths are too conscious of themselves to forget that the future is worth waiting for. see, i would love the words of Job when he said i will wait for the God of my salvation and He will deliver me….
    the future is a place to be but many get there unprepared for the challenges posed to them. great men today had it tough yesterday…. wait fro your time. yur tomorrow is loaded.

  26. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anybody that has ever read these realities shared by our Chairman (‘DEE) whether consciously or accidentally, has forfieted the right to
    1. be ignorant of things he/she must do to be the best and be heard as God has ordained him to be.
    2. live the way he wants because God is using NNC to shappen destinies.
    3. be foolish and adamant as to the realities embeded in the future
    these were my conclusions when i appraised my benefits from NNC in just these few days.

  27. There’s is this song we used to sing when we were in te sumbeam, it goes thus: colourful, and its bright i must get there,(2ce) my future is bright, i must get there.
    we all have colorful futures but it takes an individual that really wants to be there, not by mere wishes but conscious working.

  28. some times i wished i had the opportunity the other guy had but of recent i got to understand that the question for each man to settle is not what he would do if he had means, time, influence and educational advantages; the question is what he will do with the things he has. The moment a young man ceases to dream or to bemoan his lack of opportunities and resolutely looks his conditions in the face, and resolves to change them, he lays the corner-stone of a solid and honorable success.

  29. a bright is a product of early preparations. he is no fool who makes hay while the sun sets.

    If you do not consciously decide ahead of time where you are going, you may very easily end up somewhere else.
    – Laurence J. Peter
    The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them.
    – Denis Watley

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