Sunday , 20 May 2018
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I Don’t Want to Forget


The truth is, I’m managing an SME, and under my leadership, it’s beginning to turnover in the region of numbers that were in the dreams of some years ago! Business hasn’t been totally easy, but God has been completely faithful.

I realize however, that in my business of busyness, I am somehow slipping into the error of not capturing the story. I am so occupied, virtually every hour, that I may take that as an excuse not to document my journey and give someone else the benefit of “how” and my point of view. It is not acceptable that I forget! No excuse is good enough.

I remember sitting with the MD of GTBank about 6yrs ago, and feeling that he had become so successful, that he had actually forgotten the details of the early turbulent days. I committed then to work hard on not forgetting, and I will still work at it. I owe the people following me, the juicy details of the process of becoming. The journey ahead is quite far, as the vision is for a conglomerate running billions in the worlds highest currency.

What is success to me? Success to me, is having a team of 12 core people who can duplicate and succeed me completely. Success is setting the stage for others to succeed and empowering them to replicate the same with others. I can’t change the world as a one man super-star, but I can reach the world by building strength and capacity in 12 humans. It’s a proven template, and the executor of that is who I follow.

If you can’t make my first generation, try to make the 2nd or 3rd. Don’t be far from me, I am not excited about what I achieve, I’m excited about what I help others achieve. I will start sharing my experiences, woes, failures and triumphs again soon. Do learn from them, and make your journey better.

Thank you.

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  1. …Very insightful. May i remember, never to forget!

  2. Thanks for your transparency. No, I will not forgot these helpful tips!

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