Sunday , 20 May 2018
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How Action Can Speak Louder Than Words!

Once upon a time, the setting was that of a palace. A king ruled over his people with fairness and justice. The king’s personal assistant had served him for 20 years, but evil doers plotted to remove him to get to the king.

They come with a plan to discredit the king’s assistant. They planned to put poison in the king’s meal, and make the personal assistant take the fall for it. They played out their plot, and it worked, the king almost got poisoned, the guests raised concerns, and the claims were validated. The king was outraged and ordered that the personal assistant be killed. The personal assistant thought to defend himself, but stalled.

The death sentence in this village was simple. Be remanded in cell for 30 days and then be fed to the palace’s wild dogs.

As soon as the personal assistant got into jail, he struck a deal with the jail guard. He put a good deal of his assets on offer to the jailer in exchange for an opportunity to feed the palace dogs for 30 days. Seeming like a good harmless deal, the jailer agreed.

Day 1 to 3 was tedious; the personal assistant fed the dogs from afar, throwing their food over the fence to them.

Day 4-10 he moved closer. By Day 15 he was in their cage. Day 20, he was petting them, day 25 they were eating from his hand.

By day 30, the entire village gathered for the sentence of death. The personal assistant was brought in, and the dogs in cages. The sentence was passed and the dogs released! The people cried, many with their faces in their palms. But to their utter shock the dogs rushed at him and started licking his body and jumping around him. The king was mystified!

There and then the personal assistant found his voice! “Sir, I was loyal to these dogs for 30 days and they can not kill me. Sir, I have been loyal to you all my life till date, is this what I deserve? I did not poison you oh king, I didn’t do it!” The king burst into uncontrollable tears, and repented.


  1. Don’t waste your time in debate on what you can by action, clarify!
  2. One well thought action can save 1000 words!

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