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High return investments in Nigeria

After my post on “Nospetco – How much Longer”, I have received loads of emails and tons of phone calls. I have gotten people calling me from US, UK, Nigeria and all over. I never for once imagined that so many people were involved in these high return, high risk ventures. It is certainly true that wherever there is chaos, there is bound to be an avenue for some to profit. What some see as problems are actually opportunities to others. There is no triumph without trails, no gains without pains. While some people complain that Nigeria is in a state of chaos, it currently is the source of many’s highest returns.

I have gotten a lot of questions about other avenues, I have had 1hr international call consultations, it has been difficult to answer all the mails, I have promised that I will write a post that will tackle all the questions asked, with all that I know, and also create an opportunity for others to provide answers where I do not. I will write my opinions and hope it will be instructive enough to provide unbiased guidance. After speaking with some of the MDs of some of these companies, I also have decided to pair up with some friends to provide similar opportunities, particularly for people who don’t want to get hypertensive about where there money is or what it is doing. I’ll pick all that I know one by one, and expect viewers to add their knowledge, happy reading…


+ Plus: Wealthzone as been around for a while, not as long as Nospetco. Wealthzone actually has a website –, this website provides details about their operations, and what they offer. Wealthzone offers 10% returns guaranteed on 1Million Naira. When they started they were giving 10% on much less than a million as well, not any more. To sign up with Wealthzone you need to agree to leave your money with them for 1yr before divesting. They are mostly into the Nigerian stock market. I’ve spoken with the MD a number of times, he sounds pretty legitimate and seems to know what he is doing.

– Minus: Their website blinks, making them look unprofessional. The content of the website has also been static for a while, the language seems cocky and may also not sit nicely with a lot of professionals. I personally have a little issue with overconfidence.

Nett – It’s a good place to balance your investments with, if you have Nospetco you should have this. Their kind of business is likely to outlast Nospetco, the chances they become ponzi are slimmer, since the more money they have the more they can invest. Telling them you are from me, should make me earn 1% one time payment of what you bring in, that might be good payment for my analysis services 😉 Thats 10k on 1M, be very sure that this is too small for me to psyche them more than they are worth.

Me: If you want to put all your eggs in one basket, make sure you are personally guarding that basket with your life.


+ Plus: Hazonwao has also been around for a while, I was actually introduced to the MD by a good friend who personally recommended him. On speaking with the MD, I personally rate him a little higher than all the others. Hazonwao gives 10% on 1million Naira as well, and 5-9% for different values between 0-1Million. I was personally very impressed with the vision of the MD of Hazonwao. For him, this is all about helping people to become wealthy. They also have a flexible structure that makes them able to pay you 4 times in a week. I also know some of the board of directors, so it’s pretty comfortable for me.

– Minus: No website yet. Virtually unreachable at the moment as the MD pleaded with me not to share his phone number just yet -inundated with calls at the moment. Some things sound too good to be true.

Nett – It’s another good place to balance your investments. They should be very accessible from March, it might be worth waiting for. I’ll publish their information in case you miss it when they make it public. Telling them you are from me, makes me nothing at the moment. The MD assures me though that where I can make some returns is when I help them publicize the land they are about to sell. Will keep you posted.

Me: I’m likely partnering with this guy on helping people do it themselves -Investment Clubs


+ Plus: Longstanding credibility. Have delivered returns to partners for the past 4yrs without failing. Have returned money to people who wanted to divest. Almost 9% interest per month. Have actually participated before and have nothing short of a good personal experience. I maintained and still maintain a relationship with one of the employees. Was also able to ascertain the pedigree of the MD and Chairman. I understand their business and model.

– Minus: No website, minimal transparency and openness. Current trends with their line of business is not very good. Already receiving bad press from a bank. Line of business does not require limitless cash. Very good chance of turning ponzi.

Nett – If you have made your money back, leave your investments in there. You might still have some time. If you haven’t, play with what you can afford to loose, or equalize your investment with them in one or more of the others. If you are new to all these. Go for either of the first two, or the one we are starting – GFS.

Me: Nothing risked, nothing gained.

Generis Financial Solutions (GFS)
+ Plus: This is the one that we are starting. You know the MD 🙂 Our website will be up by March 1, and will be the most transparent, and regularly updated – you can trust. We have a team of financial analysts, headed by an investment specialist currently moving to Chevron on a similar role. We would be doing 7% per month plus or minus guaranteed. Less profit, less risk. Our business is majorly the stock market, real estate and venture capital. Our vision is to help people succeed. You will sign a proper MOU before anything commences, and your money cannot be lost. We are best suited for people in diaspora who don’t want to loose sleep over their investments in Nigeria.

-Minus: Let us know early so we can fix the minuses.

Nett – What can I say, even a mad man will rake the grass towards himself. It’s less risk, great transparency, good access to information, competent minds.

Me: The difference between the rich and the poor is not their origin or society. It’s how so differently they perceive the same things. GFS -MOU

UPHENRY, Risk Managers, others

UPHENRY seems similar to Nospetco except that the interest is higher -10%, I called the MD up, and was not impressed with the conversation. I really can’t say much. Risk Managers, I spoke with one of the agents, it sounds too good to be true, about 30% interest per month, only you need to pay for the brochure first – in my opinion that smells like ponzi.
I declare the floor open for all that have helpful information.

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  1. Members of the House,

    With much respect, can we set up our own companies, organisations all to move our Nigeria forward as well make us investors rather than let others do so for us….so much has been said here…..any collective ideas that can be implemented going forward?

    Let’s commence somthing no matter how small…..Dee…if you spearhead, i am sure some decent equity will be raised within 24 hours through the fora if something concrete can be done immediately. I sometimes get weary about inaction….yeah, we can all go out there to do our own things…..but can you imagine if we agreed on one LARGE PROJECT and go ahead to promote and run IT?

    Over to you house….

  2. Hello All,
    The suggestion by Morakinyo is food for thought fo us. Let us look at the modalities for implementing this.

    I believe working together as a Team on this Project will be a positive step in moving Nigeria forward.

    Have a great day


  3. can any in the house update me the date that wealth soln is returing our capital

  4. @all
    i love the ideas i ve been reading so far about the new thing we feel will help youths and everyone of us, pls keep me posted my e mail add is thanks may God help us all.amen

  5. Thanks very much for those who joined during the last two weeks of the bonanza, I hope and pray that very soon, you will have a testimony to tell.
    And for those numerous emails and phone calls requesting for extension of the bonanza for one reason or the other, I have spoken to other member of the team and it has been agreed to extend it for another two weeks. There will be no more extension after this two weeks as we will like to move on asap.
    Kindly take up your position , delay may be too late.
    Thank you all. Join us at the top.

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  7. i salute all,
    interested people in abuja willing to be a member of the gatewayclub can contact me through my mail

  8. it is a pity that these guys at megawealth in Ikotun are still operating as an entity freely. They still keep registering people without fulfiling the obligation owe to the existing ones under the pretence that their system is faulty. The system that collect money without refund. These guys needs to pay the due to the existing members otherwise be arrested and prosecuted immediately. They renege on their promise now saying that they are into seminar and training. Training what and who? Can we ask them if this was their earlier promise. They collected people hard earned money to furnish their office at Ikotun, Egbe I think this is a case study. All these small boys are to be checked on time. Megawealth is a dupe.Is this the way to move the country forward? I put this as a challenge to them and their apostles? This is open to criticism and defence.

  9. check this site out

    If money is your profit making is your goal in business don’t hesitate to visit the site above.

  10. Hi my people in the house especially those that invested in PMI just try and go through today tuesday punch newspaper it was stated inside that they have suspended all payment ………Week 5 to oct 31 and week 6 to Nov 31 and week 7,8,9 to Dec 15th.l was at their office to today when 7 of OPC members came in and took one their staff away, they also came with juju and fedeko bus to carry the staff of PMI away all those opc member are now worsen the situation,l believe that those member opc dont put any money into pmi. I believe making trouble can not bring our money back

  11. @ilemobade,
    pls could you tell me where this shareinthewealth guys are based?wat are their contact info?cos i cant find a single contact info on their site[only for a page to send question to an invisbile man]…if they are 4real they should be proud to show their face…or dont you think so??….pls dont get me wrong i’m not trying to bounce on you..jst asking vital questions that needs to be asked….tnx and enjoy ur independence day celebration.

  12. @Seun.
    I only know that the creator of the financial instrument such as shareinthewealth and incomestorm are based in the United States. Incomestorm was the first to come out, one of the creator only gave me his yahoo email. Sometimes man may be greedy, I did not bother about address and phone number, I just register for the program to make some dough.
    Thanks for your insight, though it was an oversight on my part, but having location and phone numbers doesn’t meant they can’t run with investors fund. I lost 350 dollars only to they have a Panama address and phone numbers. But today they have dissappeared. Maybe because I love taking risks or because I only invest a sum of amount I can afford to lose are the basic reason I didn’t check incomestorm and shareinthewealth b4 I delve into it.
    The only difference btw the two program is that while the shareinthwealth shares expires every 365 days, incomestorm expire every thirty days.

  13. A friend called me recently and lamented how he had over N5m trapped in NOSPETCO. Another friend also lamented how she was told that doing Getaway could solve her financial problems in one month. It turned out not to be the whole truth. I’ve discovered that those that joined Getaway through very good Next in line teams will benefit only if they join the Next in line team before they’re 2-3 months old. It gets saturated. So if you find a new Next in Team and you can see that they’re actually marketing, you can join and probably re-coup your losses in other programs. I came across a new team (about 2 days old). You can have a look at

  14. Hi Seun and Ilemobade,
    I have tried both Shareinthewealth and Incomstorm.However, I found that Shareinthwealth has not shared any wealth since the 1st of October when I joined their program inspite of the fact that I see the names of many that have joined after me.Secondly, it takes several days for them to update the amount for the number of shares sold.

    As for Incomestorm, I joined on the 4th of October and there is daily income being generated into my account.

    My opinion is that Incomestorm is better in terms of payment.

    Its all about taking risks just like Ilemobade said


  15. i register with megawealth for some months now nothing has ever come out of own case do not pain much, but i pity those that i introduced to the scheme with their painfully earned income.what is nigerians hope on investments1!!!

  16. obalola omo fi yen le . na everybody sabi that magana .

  17. This investment thing is all but badnews. nothing good exists for long. nospecto, sefteg, and all the ibadan based fundmanagers al have the same epilogue. the best bet is watch out. you guys should consider physical real time business u can invest in. this online/ fund management things is doing serious damage to us.


  18. hi all, we all have pains to nurse from all the hyips that have defraided us but i just found out 2 sites that are you need just $5 and you are paid almost immediately after paying your $5 and clicking on five ads. you can only withdraw once your profits is up to $2. its real try it.
    the other one is you need just $1. bless u all.

  19. Easy2earn is a big BAM I’m already into that and i’m making money thru it pls go to
    to sign in
    so also is greatearnigs go to

  20. hi all check this out its a wonderful way to make cool money depending on how you can market. dont forget to get ur cool pay from
    bless u all.

  21. Hi Gbemileke,

    please when last did you withdraw from your greatearnings account? l have 4pending withdrawal requests with them since last week

  22. chinyere u re right same with me but i learnt fron my upline that some nigerians put in some millions which overshot the capacity of greatearnings in e gold and so e gold seized their account not only greatearnings, it also affected incomestorm, and steadydailyshares. but it will be rectified very soon. keep generating your daily income but dont add more to the shares u ve bought. i dont know what nigerians will do without greed. u are asked to start with$5 but some people decided to put millions there. its terrible! i wish i can do things without getting involved with nigerians!

  23. Olaleru,
    l have not been able to generate daily income on incomestorm and they are not responding to my mails. A friend too has not been generating income as well.

  24. sounds unreal…but you can earn 10% daily for 15 days…no marketing no gimmick…guys have been earning since last week. Nospecto gave 8% monthly..sefteg 30% monthly..but i tell you…you will get 10% daily. If you put 1000 will get 100 dollars EVERYDAY for 15 days…for info write to with the topic AMALL INVESTMENTS

  25. This is Great!
    I really appreciate this wonderful website and the maker of it…deolu.You guys are doing great work here.

    You have been a source of help to me and to many people in the world.
    Can anyone tell me the outcome of the people who invested in pennywise,sefteg,treasurelink, etc.., People want to know their fate and the outcome of their money.This is the time to come out and tell those investors now.
    Tayo Diya.

  26. tayo,
    thanks for your words.
    i learnt that the names of those pennywise agent are published with their money refunded.

    but my agent was not among, i tried to call them they did not pick their phone,while other switched off the handset.
    so i do not know what they re upto.
    cos they suppose to be giving out the info pertains with pennywise

  27. Hello guys thank Gods for a forum like this where infos that can be beneficial to people of like minds are shared.I have this info which will be useful for anyone who cares to look it up:

    I remember coming to this forum to introduce easy2earn those who have taken step must be enjoying it now.Anyone can however still join at this link at wish you all the best.

  28. Hi guys,
    Please can anyone help me wit info on, greatearnings etc.
    Are they functioning?i am asking cos i read some earlier postings on this board saying they were having problems withdawing and things loke that.

  29. Gbemileke,
    I have just registerd thru your link at but I seem to be having problems. It keeps telling me invalid id. What do i do?

  30. please, can somebody tell the latest about wealth solution.

  31. Hi U all,

    Alot have bn said abt dis investments stuff. My take on this is dat its an opportunity for a very few to break away from the poverty dat stares at us in dis country.

    Dat some of us invested in dis stuff does not mean dat we are greedy or gulliable, it is just an affordable risk dat was worth taking.

    Having said all these, I want to implore D pple involve in dis whole HYIP in Nigeria to try as much as possible to return investors money. It is the ONLY ACTION dat kan give credence to your companies. Some of us collected loan, some sold valuables and otherwise to be able to raise money to invest.

    Since it has become almost impossible 4 U to pay up wat was promised initially, I tink its high time you pay us d initial deposit.

    Off all the HYIP, PMI in my reckoning is d worst. WS paid her depositors up till week 18 b4 they started hving issues with d authority, myself inclisive.

    Since PMI came on board, hw many of their clients kan they claim dat hv be paid. I know alot of pple who registered in week 5 & 6 who hv not been paid a dime and no effort is bn made to fulfill their promise.

    Finally, Please PMI, all we are saying is dat you pay us back the initial deposits if it has become 2much 4 U to pay us wat was initally promised, pls, pls, pls.

  32. Hi everyone. I have e-bullion for sale at the rate of N140 per dollar. Anyone interested should please contact me on 07028197636 or mail me at MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


  34. Hi all,
    Happy New Year!
    I must first say that some of the coys did not come to the public with good intentions, while some came in with improper mangt plan & or process. some didn’t even know what they were getting into.

    On the whole some had it all. The likes of Wealth Zone, Nospecto, Hazonwao and a few others had it all well figured out with a good ”if” alternative plan. But had their bizs halted or almost halted by circumstances beyond their control.
    Among these circumstances is “YOU & ME” Why? How?… Due to impatience and faith in the people we partnered with, “we” hav inundated the regulatory authorities withnpetitions against them and their activities.
    “Our” petitons hav given the authorities and the “powers that be” (i.e. CBN, EFCC, SSS, Police, the banks etc) the sword to crucify them.

    Now we are asking for our deposit. at least. It is expected and I feel us.

    Of all these authorities, the CBN seems to hav messed things too much that even cannot manage it any more, a reliable source said and sighed.

    Accounts hav been froven, the police has been involved, some of the managers of these schemes are either on the run or in hiding. CBN is about breaching the law (i.e. they have no right to freeze acct for more than 3 mths), the monies may be transffered to the police and, we know – with the police the monies may grow legs.

    And we would say it is UMANA UMANA!!!
    NO! My opinion, I dare say informed, is that we should ask the CBN to explain what is happening.

    Pls. do not let all this deter you from taking further risks in life. Our world has advanced to this stage cos men staked their lives and took risk.

    Hi “Chief” Deolu,
    Like ur piece on 7 Lessons from Prison break. Never thot I’ll watch that film – not enough time for such lenthy sreen show. But I think I’m interested in it.
    Then, How far with GFS, can I risk with u?
    Moreso what other investment opportunities are available, and how far with the multi-level marketing coys? Are their programmes still running? which one can I join?

    Tanx to u all,
    Deolu, Pls I’ll be glad to see ur reply in my mail.


  35. how much,i mean minimum do i need to invest


  37. Brother, this is about the first time I am seeing this kind of post where a Nigerian puts his hard earn reputation on the line to promote another Nigerian’s business. I pray that the people involve in this businesses will keep their promises.
    Saved By Jesus

  38. I think we should all let go of these hyips-the story has not been good all along. Let Uncle D shed more light on GFS and then we are at his back.
    I believe more well-meaning Nigerians would come up with better ideas in the nearest future.
    Also good news about Treasurelink-they have been registered with SECas a Unit trust fund and very soon a good and secure product package would be out for investors.
    People get set. 2008 is the year of meaningful investments.

  39. tank god treasurelink had, how do we get our deposit.deolu and d rest who has good intention should strive to show how we could benefit from online investment without committing suicide.

  40. will they ever give us back our initial deposit.

  41. pls i have invested in nospetco & sefteg. what is d outcome todeted

  42. @purespeed,
    Are u still alive. U disappeared with people’s money.

  43. uncle deolu , please what is the situation of nospectos now, are they gonn refund our money or not plz

  44. Please kindly update us on when we are getting our money back at the least. If you say you are not scams, kindly leave up to the expectation

    Thanks and please do not ignore this mail


  45. Hello Bayo,

    Please who is this mail for? Maybe you should get their information and send them an email. This is an independent blog, sorry.



  46. Hello mr deolu i am really interested in this bussiness and i will like to joing the company so please i will like you to get back to me as soon as you get this mail so that i can understand more about the company thanks regards olawale akinyemi………………

  47. I found your website when browsing for something different on Bing about topics related to movies, however I got the probability to read this article and I found it quite useful certainly.

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