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Exciting Highlights from Philippians


Where Do I want to Start from? What format do I use? How can I limit myself to a few points so I don’t write too long on this? The lessons are too many, let me go for the top themes.

  1. The book was authored by a disciple and the one discipling him. They were classified as committed servants (bondservants) of Christ. Is that a name you can bear? Phil 1:1
  1. The Philippian church were proclaiming the message about Christ from the day they heard it, right up till the present moment. Can you say the same? Phil 1:5
  1. Paul was joyous in jail! Wow! He uses the word rejoice, joy and joyful more than in any other book in Philippians. What is responsible for making you rejoice? Alert?
  1. Christ needs to be preached, and whatever the motive, it matters not as far as Christ is preached. Today, Christ is not preached, people don’t even know what it sounds like when Christ is really preached!
  1. When will I be able to see prison as a pulpit and suffering as a delight. When will I rejoice exceedingly at the scars I take for Jesus? When will I rejoice that alive or dead, there is no loss! It’s all about Christ? When will I realize that there is more to life than trusting Christ, but there is also an opportunity to suffer for him?
  1. Am I really supposed to contend for people’s trust in the Message? Should my life really be a credit to the Message of Christ? Phl 1:27-19
  1. What have I gotten out of following Christ? What difference has his love made in my life? Does being in a community of the spirit mean much to me? Do I have a heart, do I care? The signs ought to be my willingness to lose my reputation for the sake of others. Phil 2:1-4
  1. Am I truly thinking of myself the way Christ thought of himself? He set aside what were meant to be his privileges and obeyed God! Can I do that? Can I let go of wealth and comfort to do God’s will? I want to want to. Phil 2:5-11
  1. Can I feel God’s energy working within me? God himself willing and working within me to do what will give Him the most pleasure? I can’t please God by my flesh, it has to be his working. Lord I yield myself. Phil 2:13.
  1. Am I aware that at the summary of my life and in the day Christ returns, what will make Jesus proud is that I carried the light giving message into the night? Am I willing to be a living proof that Christ did not work for nothing? Phil 3:14-16
  1. Can I encourage people so heartily even when it’s almost sure that my life is about to be taken? Can I see my life as an offering? Phil 2:17-18
  1. Can this testimony about Timothy be written of me? “No one quite like Timothy, He is loyal, and genuinely concerned about others. Not looking out for himself, but deeply concerned about the things of Jesus. The real thing. A devoted son, and someone who delivers the message along side his leaders.” Wow! Phil 2:19-24
  1. Timothy, then Epaphroditus. The gospel of Jesus is about real people and their contributions to advancing God’s kingdom on earth.
  1. There are false prophets and preachers in the land, steer clear of them, and get to know God personally. Don’t fall for their pedigree, it’s all inferior stuff compared with knowing Christ personally. Phil 3
  1. We should strife to know Christ personally, experience his resurrection power, be a partner in his suffering, and go all the way with him to death itself. Go all the way for resurrection from the dead if possible. Phil 3:10
  1. Am I going for everything that is available in God? Or am I distracted by what is available in this life? Am I keeping track of those who are running the same course? Am I taking the warning of scriptures to heart? Phil 2:15-16.
  1. Am I consciously observing and keeping away from people who hate the Cross of Christ? Those who can’t stand Chrsit and His cost? Who want it easy in life? Am I wary of messages that glorify human wants and desires? Am I wary of those who brag about earthly things that are bound to be destroyed or whose testimonies are based on the acquisition of material things?
  1. Am I a citizen of heaven? Are my eyes set on Jesus Christ like he’s worth all my expectations? Are my eyes gazing on eternity. Phil 3:20-21
  1. It seems the names of those who work for Christ are the ones in the book of life! Is my name in the book of life? There seems to be a connection between doing Jesus’ biddings and being written in the book of life. Phil 4:3
  1. Let petitions and praise shape your worries into prayers! Am I practicing this? Phil 4:6-7
  1. Can I ask people to do what they have learned and received and heard and seen in me? Phil 4:9
  1. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me! This was basically in relation to going hungry or being full. Abounding and suffering hunger. Can I do all these things? Have I found the recipe for being happy no matter my condition? Phil 4:13
  1. The prayer of the apostle is that God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus! Are my needs in Christ Jesus being met? Or have I converted this to other material needs? God give me all I need – discipline, guidance, help, grace to become a mature Son. Phil 4:19.


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