Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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Enough is Enough

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”- Martin Luther King

The Lagos version of the Abuja walk by the Save Nigeria Group titled, “Enough is Enough” is taking place today at 10am. We’ll be moving from Arch Bishop Vinning Memorial Church to the Government house in Alausa. Our message has not changed, we are marching in peaceful protest against the current issues which stem from the same root -lack of good governance! Ever so often the intellectuals want to ask -why are you walking? Will this walk achieve anything? Are there no other risk free things that can be done? Is there a hidden agenda?  Intellectuals love to ask questions, and thankfully, I’m not un-intellectual as well, so I can answer what I can.

6 months ago, I stayed for many hours everyday at the intensive care unit of a Teaching Hospital, waiting outside in the sun everyday as my young mother struggled to live. Ever so often power would fail in the hospital, and I will hear the UPS of the most funded and most equipped room in the hospital beep as it neared its life’s end. Amazingly these life support UPS’ were no different from those used for small personal computers.  I sat and watched as many fairly clothed bodies got wheeled daily to the mortuary. It wasn’t rocket science, but it struck me, when power fails, people die!  My mind wandered back easily to the road accidents that I had seen on my many road travels over the past few months, and to the other thousands of lives lost uncelebrated. It’s real, that we are losing people who ought to be alive daily in this country!
Eventually my dearly beloved mum passed on, but she left me with the gift of a mind boggling realization! There is a death roll in this country and all our names are on it, and in silence and negligence we may all take our execution orders, either from our ailing roads, our ill equipped hospitals or from the hazardous interventions to substitute all forms of power!
We are here at this junction in our 49yrs plus history to say with one voice, Enough is Enough! To power failure, power vacuum, power ailment or power epilepsy!
I have asked myself quite regularly, who is responsible for killing all these people?
Is it the government that has regularly failed in its promise to provide power in any form?
Is it the senate who have refused to enact the laws allowing states to generate their power or for the constitution to be followed so we are not ruled by a leader who left in a hurry  and asked us not to worry that good luck can rule the country by taking orders from his blackberry?
Is it you and I, the people, who with our silence and negligence allow the wrong people to get the power?
Or is it our religious leaders who have so much influence and have refused to use it for our greatest common good?
Is it the good clean men who refuse to dirty themselves and have allowed the worst of us to rule the rest of us?
Or is it my good friends and brothers who are benefiting so well from the current decay that they have been rendered blind, mute and powerless.
I say yes to all! Everybody who has the capacity to lead us, who has the potential to be voted for, who is a leader and has earned the trust and respect of people in this nation, has committed a great offense. Our negligence has put the wrong people in power, made our hospitals unequipped, left our roads as deathtraps, and have assisted in killing, murdering and sentencing many young talents and future leaders to early graves! The silence of your pastor, your CEO, your mentor and yourself is the reason for our bad roads, is the reason for the deplorable state of power in Nigeria, is responsible for poverty and the death roll in this country, we have sinned!
Quote me if you want, but no matter how many dead your pastor or imam raises, he is by negligence, responsible for killing more. No matter how much good works we do, our silence has destroyed more! You and I are guilty as charged! Guilty Guilty Guilty! Our most influential man was counted because of the opposite of the reason that we are condemned as a nation! Our silence speaks loudly! Our silence and non-verbal endorsement of vision-less leaders, power vacuums and remote controlled leadership, have made our paradise potential nation a living hell! Our land is flowing with milk and honey and our people are living on dirt and leftovers!
If we do what we need to do for this country, we may die! If we run, we may live, at least for a while! But in days not far from today, we will die, on our beds, on hospital beds or on the deplorable roads! Are we willing to trade all the days and years, from now until that day, for once chance, just one chance, to gather ourselves together and tell those who place power vacuums over our heads, that they might take away our national cake, they may defraud our nation, they might even rape our land and empty it’s resources, but they will never take away our future!
Like the proverbial resilient frog, which gets cooked in water by raising the temperature 1 degree per hour, we have taken it all, but now the water visibly boils and our cup of patience full. With one voice today we shout. Enough is Enough!
Enough is Enough!
We will neither tolerate power vacuums in the PHCN nor in Leadership!
Enough is Enough!
We are not happy with a Plane load of 300 people dying in the streets of Jos in Religious wars because of inaction from a missing leader.
Enough is Enough!
We will not accept the label of terrorism bestowed on us by the 58 days inactivity of our president’s mobile phone.
Enough is Enough!
Leadership Vacuum is dangerous and is responsible for killings in the north, kidnapping in the east, Militants gang raping in the South South and intellectual indifference in the west.
Enough is Enough!
We the young people will no longer be represented by 50+ year old dying men who still claim to be youths.
Enough is Enough!
We demand to be lead according to the dictates of our imposed constitution until another is established. Please Mr. President, Vacate the Seat!
Enough is Enough!
We are neither fools nor kindergarten children, we refuse to be insulted by the Attorney Generals manifesting as atani Generals – meaning deceivers.
Enough is Enough!
We know that one lie requires 10 others to support it, and the 10 others require 10 each. Our Senate, Judiciary and leaders at large have built a pyramid of lies and a cacophony of deceit.
Enough is Enough!
We know that the fact that our hearts desire a New Nigeria is because one exists. We raise a proclamation against all those who shackle us.
Enough is Enough!
We refuse to accept the political coloration of our demographics that is designed to deceive us into believing that we are not enough!
Enough is Enough!
This is just the beginning, we shout with one final loud voice we say to all those who stand in the way of progress for this nation. All those who by silence, negligence, force or illness, you shall all be swept by the hands that put the stars in the sky.  And together we pray –
Enough is Enough!

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  1. Enough is REALLY Enough!!!

  2. I will be counted….

  3. I agree, enough is enough. Revolution is inevitable.

  4. The proverbial future our parents have been waiting for is here.. And what do we do? wait for our future? NO! NO!! NO!!!… We refuse to mortgage the future of our children… The time to act is now… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  5. Each time I think about my country Nigeria, I end up having headache. Things are just not well with the system of things. There is total collapse of infrastructures. A sick and ailing Yar’Adua was imposed on us. Yet we do not have a say. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We need prayers and action to get outselves out of this dungeon.

  6. Huh. . How many times will i read this celebrated line "Enough is Enough"?????
    Its very strange how we display so much hypocrisy when faced with some adversity and yet able to make very sharp u-turns once the weather is stormed. . . if i call on anyone to do what will be absolutely necessary to get our system working, how will i be 100% sure that being a northerner, he will not change his mind once he gets some sense spoken to him by his kinsman. . or being a muslim and he being of another faith wont see me in the deep recesses of his heart, as being an enemy. . .
    There is no such thing as "Enough is Enough" Deolu. . . we do not know what a nation is yet, not to even talk of kinsman ship. . its not enough to brandish posters of Ernesto Che on our walls to pretend to imagine or understand what it takes to lay down ABSOLUTELY everything for a better day. . .we do not know this adversity . . .or we are too selfish hoping that "one day e go better for our side"! ! ! !
    Our so-called leaders did not drop from Hell, but are actually just a reflection of our society. . .replace anybody with even yourself and you will be surprised at what you will do or become. . .
    lets not saddle ourselves with saving the nation, but let us save ourselves first and cure our hearts. If i ask it of you, the response would be "man must chop for nija", right! ! ! Well, there you have it.
    It takes sacrifice and pain to accomplish this and we may not be ready yet to make such choices.
    I mean our brother tried to take his own life and that of 300 others barely a month ago and the first thing our papers do is go into a cannon ball, displaying just how filthy our hearts really are.
    Deolu, let us quiet our minds and ask ourselves, do we even believe in Nigeria or do we just happen to find ourselves together so therefore, we are one??

    • @Yusuf..
      While I try to fathom the line of your thoughts with comprehension, I am dismayed to say however that you are being sentimental. I wouldn't blame your sentiments if it was veered towards the way forward. I agree of the general divide that pervade our national polity, but I believe also that when something hurts, it does really hurts and until silence is broken, trust me we will keep lingering in this unscrupulous quagmire.
      My friend, goats dont have teeth, but when you chase them to the wall, they will bite. That is a natural thing to all living things and such response is expected in dire situation like this. If all Nigerians can come together as one during the game of soccer, what stops us from coming together in situations like this? At least a step like this can pave the way for a new direction and that should be the line of thinking rather than dwelling on the difference and regional divide that has been tearing us apart.

    • @ Yusuf, I am inclined to agreed with you in the aspect of changing ourselves. Truly you will be surprised at what anyone would become if he had power. We Nigerians must first change our ways of thinking, our attitude to governance, our readiness to support at just course to the very end. Until we do this, we will just be recycling leaders.

  7. The question i have is just that is it too much for Nigerian to ask for enough amenities, is enough a lot, Haba. To borrow from the word of Fashola he said and i quote, “We ask for this job, the leadership position is not easy, but if the kitchen gets too hot then get out of the Kitchen”. Enough is enough!

  8. @ Yusuf,

    I do not support secession agenda's, I believe that a country is better bigger, that way it has the capacity and resources to defend it's people. Divide and rule is a tactic utilized by those who are interested in some parts of us. What we need in Nigeria is not to break apart, what we need is true federalism.

    Forget that perspective you are selling, you are just dragging us back and wasting our time. You stay on the sidelines and watch, only time can tell if we'll be swallowed by the system or we'll retain our being honorable men. My Stand is Enough of what we have, yes we need to strategize, yes we need to review and renew our constitution, yes we need to work towards change patiently, but don't tell us to sit down.

  9. "Enough" should more than be" Enough" As the Yorubas will say "Ti owo ko ba see san, a a ko sori" We are really tired of all this rubbish and NONSENSE.

  10. a change pple is a change nation,let us individually change ourselve from inside out.

  11. Enough is enough!

  12. This words captured the essence of it all ‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”- Martin Luther King.
    We must not remain silent while evils are being perpetuated in our faces

  13. My views about Nigeria political impasse is link to a country where
    there is a "democratically" elected president but without visible one.

  14. William Wallace shouts "freedom"

  15. Few will have the greatness to change history;but each of can work to change a small portion of event,and in total all those acts will be writing in the history a generation…It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is thus shaped.Each time a man stand up for ideal or act to improve the lot of others or strike out against injustice,he send forth a tiny ripple of hope,and crossing each other from a million different centresof energy and daring, thoseripples builtd a current which can sweepdown the mighthiest walls of oppression and resistance.You are doing a greate work.pls keep up the pace!

  16. Enough is enough!!! It’s indeed a clarion call to all nigerians to reasons for change in the goverance of this great natilon. PLEASE Deolu, don’t stop the ink flow. Keep it up!!!

  17. Nigerians it really goes beyond talking, we must get together and fight these crooks. Each time I read sahara reporters my heart bleeds seriously, they are destroying the future of this country. How can Nigeria be called a terrorist state?

  18. Oto Gee, Ale Apon Omita! We shall not rest until we sweep out all discrepancies.
    On this we stand that the unborn generation should not suffer what we are going through.

    This is an opprtunity to Make a change

  19. Mhmm,True talk.We need action,enough of unfulfilled promises

  20. Enough is enough indeed. Talks don’t cook rice. It’s time for a revolution! Thanks for posting

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