Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Earning More Than Your Wife – FST Series

So you earn more than your wife? Congratulations! Honestly, earning more than your wife makes you one of the endangered minority. We live in an age where the tables are turning, and the trend turners are obvious.
If you are earning more than your wife today, here are a few watch-outs
1. Don’t rub it in, remember, you are a team.
2. Don’t mess up! Don’t allow having more to make you lead an unaccountable irresponsible life.
3. Don’t despise her small venture, in that small venture is the seed of future harvest. We are surrounded by many lady owned big projects that sustain their families in the second half.
4. Don’t sow seeds you don’t intend to reap. If your income is a secret today that you seem ahead, don’t expect transparency when it’s your wife’s turn.
5. Be your wife’s coach, friend and fan. You are on the same side. The multitasking nature of women’s work make them more likely to succeed in business and more dependable as employees. Inspire her to rise to her best.

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