Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Nothing beats the feeling of watching the people over whom you have laboured getting it, demonstrating it, and leaving you totally speechless as they make significant progress. That very much summarizes my feeling as I watch speaker after speaker get up to speak. They all claim that I am their mentor, coach and trainer, but little do they know that their progress inspires me much more than I might have inspired them.

These thoughts make me think about a few of the people who’s stories touch me and whose current business postures inspire me. In no particular order, in the world of Network Marketing, I can call these mighty men. I would have put “my” but I think Wisdom is known of her children, not the other way round.

Temitope Akinyemi – Previously reluctant to venture, overcame her reluctance and even public shyness to become a global platinum partner. She currently addresses crowds and supports a very active and diverse team.

Chinwe Chilakah – I remember her presentations 5 yrs ago and see her now. She is a visible intellectual force. A Platinums platinum. She has a vibrant team of leaders and the most consistent team events.

Emeka Nwankwo – Emeka has undergone tremendous transformation from ruthlessly independent to shamelessly interdependent. He presents with a charisma and conviction that is simply inspiring. His has a passionately growing team spanning across many cities.

Busayo Akanro – Eager to follow, committed to serve. Busayo walked closely. The single skinny lad with great dreams has become the Husband of one and Father of two nations and a growing asset column. In the course of this walk, he has advanced. He’s one of the best trainers you have met and is a leader of Platinums.

Solomon James – From shy to present, to presenter of the year. Solomon James blends his flavour and style to create some of the liveliest and entertaining presentations. He is a platinum leader with teams across the nation and beyond.

There is more on that list, and don’t worry, you might have made my honours list too. Can you picture what your own story would be?


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