Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Do you need a Mentor and a Coach?


What’s the #1 SUCCESS FACTOR all High Achievers have in common?

A mentor. A coach. They discovered a person or more who took them aside and showed them the inside track and pushed them to achieve.

Yes, there is the obvious, and there is the not so obvious. The not so obvious is discovered either by years of trial and error, or by the guided voice of a mentor or coach.

I have benefited so much from learning at the feet of my mentors and coaches. They have saved me millions of Naira in losses I could have made, they have saved me years of wondering around in the dark.

You are getting this mail because you once enrolled to be coached by me. It’s time to open the classes. I will have only 10 participants per class. One session a month. It will be a great learning experience and an opportunity to meet people.

Here is how it will work, and how much it would cost for each of the modules.

  1. A Monthly discussion session while playing cashflow 101
  2. Review of your goals and coaching aspirations, and development of a habit forming process to simplify aspirations.
  3. Daily SMS for 40 days.
  4. Priority appointments (optional) 30mins/forthnight – Skype, Phone or Face to Face
  5. Weekly inspirational helpful information.
  6. Weekly/Fortnight webinars
  7. Wildcard movie hangout opportunity – once a month.
  8. Unlimited fun and learning!


This entire package should cost on the upside of N250,000, but I’m willing to giveaway to the first set of this group at N10,000 per month, per head for the first 10 people. This relationship should last 6-12 months depending on participants.

Interested? Fill this Form.

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