Monday , 23 July 2018
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Don’t win the case at the expense of your life.

U.S. Congressman Clement Vallandigham was defending a murder suspect in court when he argued that the victim could have accidentally shot himself while drawing his gun. In an attempt to reenact the scene, he drew the gun, which he believed to be unloaded. It accidentally discharged, killing him. Needless to say, he won the case. Guess this is a classical …

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How to Get More Money!

  If you don’t know the Truth about Money, You won’t have More of it! “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!” – John 8:32 Your limitation in life is the truth you know! What’s keeping you at the level you are, is the truth you know. Many people vocally express a desire to …

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Economics is not all True

Economics is not all true. I’m sure you’re wondering how I can state that economics is not all true. The fundamental concept of economics is a relationship between ends and scarce means. The paradigm of limited resources and a finite amount of resources that all of us need to struggle for is definitely not correct. If you study resources over …

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Money, Savings and Hard-work, are not Enough

Money, Hard-work and Savings are not it! Money, hardwork and savings are not it, the not is what changes the paradigm. Many people listening to me speak about this, usually wonder if this is not a mistake. They think, if only they can work harder make more money and then save more money then they are doing well. The way …

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How Much You Earn is not Important

How much you earn is not important, we live in an ostentatious environment where people are ranked, elevated and positioned based on how much they earn. How much you earn is not important; what is important is how much is left. The difference between your income and your expense defines your cash flow. Your cash flow is your ticket into …

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Tips for Classifying Assets or Liabilities

To know if you can classify something as asset or not, ask, “does it have positive passive cash flow?” So, if it’s shares, are you being paid dividends? If it’s a house does it give you rent? If it’s a business, do you not need to be involved before you earn the income that is associated with it? If it’s …

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