Monday , 23 July 2018
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Let’s Make A Difference

Tears in my eyes… I am persuaded that I’m on course Yes, deeply convicted I’m pushing the right cause There are many noises calling by the sides So many distractions playing the sea tides But my eyes are fixed on a goal Nothing must make my commitment less than whole Those who chase money find it elusive Those who catch …

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Gold is not on the Surface

If you are really interested in gold, you must be willing to dig through a pile load of rubbish to get to gold. Gold is not on the surface. It’s no doubt that people are experiencing all forms of hardship, but there is no more hurtful hardship than the one we inflict on ourselves by being ignorant. I want to …

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How to Create Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Company

Marketing plans are crucial for the survival of any business enterprise. They help the business expand its market share and nudge out competitors. Without an effective marketing strategy, the turnover of the business would take a beating. In the process, cash flows would dwindle and finished goods would pile up requiring additional storage space. This would force the business to …

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Economics is not all True

Economics is not all true. I’m sure you’re wondering how I can state that economics is not all true. The fundamental concept of economics is a relationship between ends and scarce means. The paradigm of limited resources and a finite amount of resources that all of us need to struggle for is definitely not correct. If you study resources over …

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Money, Savings and Hard-work, are not Enough

Money, Hard-work and Savings are not it! Money, hardwork and savings are not it, the not is what changes the paradigm. Many people listening to me speak about this, usually wonder if this is not a mistake. They think, if only they can work harder make more money and then save more money then they are doing well. The way …

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August Specials – 10 days to go!

Dear Reader Please be informed of these amazing opportunities that you can lead within your teams. You will get a mail on each of these from your leaders to reinforce them directly to you and give you inner scoop on what is possible for distributors. Also note that someone is going to get a giveaway of Glo Credit worth N5,000 for …

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