Monday , 23 July 2018
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Avenues to Wealth

Day 4 Lessons – Independence of the Seas

Day 4 Lessons – Independence of the Seas Today we docked in Jamaica! Ya man! We climbed a waterfall! Yes, you read that correctly! We stood at the base of the waterfall, and you could tell it was a scary feat climbing against the flow of the water on rocky paths, but we did it! The day closed for me …

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It’s Official – Naira is Devalued!

Dear Reader, Yes, it’s now official. As a fall out of the just concluded MPC meeting, the Naira has been officially devalued from 155±3% to 168±5% This means that the interbank rate and market rates are expected to see a jump of about N13±5%. This indicates that the pressure on the Naira is still on, and we can expect these rates …

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Money, Savings and Hard-work, are not Enough

Money, Hard-work and Savings are not it! Money, hardwork and savings are not it, the not is what changes the paradigm. Many people listening to me speak about this, usually wonder if this is not a mistake. They think, if only they can work harder make more money and then save more money then they are doing well. The way …

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August Specials – 10 days to go!

Dear Reader Please be informed of these amazing opportunities that you can lead within your teams. You will get a mail on each of these from your leaders to reinforce them directly to you and give you inner scoop on what is possible for distributors. Also note that someone is going to get a giveaway of Glo Credit worth N5,000 for …

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August Special – 18 days to Go!

August – All in One Pack There is a new and exciting premium way to become an A2W Distributor or sell A2W Opportunities to others Full Privilege Pack + Oven – N65,000 A2WPress Pack + Club 2 – N27,000 Fully Developed Site – N250,000 Carton of Gas Regulator – N150,000 2 Cartons of Aloe Vera King – N10,000 1 Ionizer Cup …

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A2W – August Double Jump!

Club 2. . . The Excitement is Just about to START!! I bet you didn’t see this coming. . . This August will be an historical month of great earnings and rewards as A2W introduces even more excitement to the table! All the requests and genuine problems have now been fixed and it’s jumping time! Get set to jump, get …

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