Monday , 23 July 2018
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What We Expect from President Buhari

Adeolu Akinyemi: What the “Not so Complicated Nigerian” expects from President Muhammadu Buhari For many of us, the chant of change was and is not merely a mantra. We deeply believe that the advent of Buhari into the official leadership of Nigeria spells change. It wasn’t a campaign slogan for many of us, we know that long before change became …

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Who are You to Speak Against God’s Anointed?

Who are you to Speak Against the King and Church Leaders? The book of Amos is 9 chapters only. It’s a recommended read for any Christian who finds himself in a region where there is National Chaos, and where the body of Christ is not providing sufficient illumination and preservation. Amos 7: 8-14 8-9 God said to me, “What do you see, …

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Before the 2015 Elections!

Why I have been More Silent than Usual about the Forthcoming elections! I have received many calls from people who know my love for GMB. I have voted him consistently from when he was an option. He represents values that I believe in, and I love muslims and christians. The commandment God gave us is not to love our neighbours …

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We Really Don’t Know Buhari – 70-90s Generation

We don’t really know Buhari – Speaking for My Generation and a Few Others. (Coup and Restriction of Press) Yes, many in my generation where less than 10yrs old when Buhari was Head of State. Many who were old enough to know him, also got to know him not directly, but from the journals of bitter journalists, and from sentiments …

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Let’s Be Fair on President Goodluck Jonathan.

I know I’m usually not the first to praise our President. I believe he has staff paid to praise him, I’m a citizen of Nigeria and demand good governance. I think many Nigerians may think they don’t deserve better, but I think we deserve better. I have benefited from this country, even as poorly run as we have criticised that …

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It’s Official – Naira is Devalued!

Dear Reader, Yes, it’s now official. As a fall out of the just concluded MPC meeting, the Naira has been officially devalued from 155±3% to 168±5% This means that the interbank rate and market rates are expected to see a jump of about N13±5%. This indicates that the pressure on the Naira is still on, and we can expect these rates …

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