Monday , 23 July 2018
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Success Principles

My New Year Resolve

My new year resolve is not to do anything, want anything or sacrifice anything. I simply want to obey God! This year, I want to be free of wants! No more wanting to be important, no more wanting everything for myself, no more wanting my own way! I want to do what God wants! My new year resolution is Obedience …

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When to kill your Pastor and Stone your Family! Part 1

Kill your Pastor, Stone your family, Burn your community! Deuteronomy 13 Summarized! When many people read the old testament, they assume that God must have changed. He has become a loving God, incapable of the kind of instructions He seemed to give in the old testament. That philosophy is completely false! God is the same yesterday, today and forever, He …

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Exciting thoughts from Colossians

This is one book of the Bible I feel a need to memorize. Oh I want to memorize the entire Bible if I can, Colossians however seems to be so needed in the world today! I wish I can just take one theme and write, but I fear I may rob someone of an opportunity to see the panorama and …

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Exciting Highlights from Philippians

Where Do I want to Start from? What format do I use? How can I limit myself to a few points so I don’t write too long on this? The lessons are too many, let me go for the top themes. The book was authored by a disciple and the one discipling him. They were classified as committed servants (bondservants) …

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Why Bad People Do Well

1. Godly principles work, whoever is working them. God causes the rain to shine on the godly and ungodly. It’s the fairness principle of God. (Matt 5:45)   2. Sin is a cancer to the earth, it created inequality, unfairness, unrigtheousness and suffering. It’s natural for lazy people to succeed, the world is unfair, and the enemy is a thief. …

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Fruit or Fruit!

I made an interesting discovery in scriptures. When people say the fruit that Jesus is asking for is the fruit of Character, what is known as the fruit of the spirit, rather than the fruit of other believers of disciples. In the battle between either or, I realized it’s both! There is no fruits of the spirit, it’s fruit of …

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