Monday , 23 July 2018
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Riddles and Jokes!

The last time I saw those words together was a long time ago! Back in those days it was a way to break the steam in parties, someone should come out and share riddles and jokes! We all had a few we had to memorize. They had no use except at these parties, no action required, only memory! I can’t …

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Simple Spiritual Logic 101

Interviewer: What does it mean when Jesus said you must lose your life to find it? Christian: He meant you need to lose this life you have completely and take up His own life   Interviewer: Wow, is that possible? Christian: Yes, that’s how we should live. It requires faith.

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Two Gospels that Can Destroy your Walk with God!

Two Gospels that Can Destroy your Walk with God! 1. The Prosperity Gospel: If I follow Jesus, God will make me rich and healthy! 2. The Therapeutic Gospel: If I already have wealth and health, following Jesus will make me feel good and guiltless.

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Happy Father’s Day!

I attended the burial of the mum of a friend. At the young age of 55, she had passed away. It was an event with mixed feelings, she had lived a great life, had children and grand children, but she was still gone too soon. Yesterday night was the wake keeping, friends and family gather together, sang songs and talked …

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Are You An Asset Or A Liability At Home?

  “Many times my husband sows the money that should have been for the Children’s school fees and our house rent. I plead with him not to do it, but he tells me it’s all for good. It always leads us to borrow and struggle to pay, what do you advice?” Many people do the same thing above without knowing. …

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Men: Generosity to You Wife!

It doesn’t matter how much smaller than your wife you earn, it doesn’t matter if it’s not usually enough for you. You need to demonstrate generosity to your wife. Not only is it a way to express love, it’s a way to attract more. If you choke the outflow you have invariably choked the inflow. Tightly clenched fists, don’t give, …

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