Sunday , 20 May 2018
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The God that Installs a King, When Another King is in Place!

Today’s challenge takes us through 1 Samuel 16 and 17! It’s a scary narrative! If you tremble at God’s word, these are epic stories. One of them is a very popular story, it’s titled “David and Goliath”. It’s an exciting story, but remember anytime we read the Old Testament and Jesus is not the lens we use, we miss the …

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Which is the Model Marriage?

  Husband sets wife up as sister, to survive. He’s happy for others to sleep with his wife and make him comfortable! Wife agrees to the plot like mumu. Is Abraham a model Husband? Is Sarah a model wife?Wife provides husband with her maid to literally go into! Husband agrees like mumu and impregnates the housegirl. Will you like to …

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I was Wrong about the Bible!

I see that many people are trying to understand what the reality of the past was, and what currently is present clarity. If I was wrong, what was my view before, and if now I’m right, what is my view now. I will take them one by one. Before I go ahead however, let share that the appetite of people …

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Personal Agenda! The Real Sin!

In today’s world, sin is classified as immorality! Whatever goes against the grain of the law or human ethics is perceived as sin. Jesus Christ redefined sin, when he says the Holy Spirit will help the world realize that sin really is rejecting Jesus! It’s time to repent – change the way you have been thinking about it! You see, …

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What Did You Hear in Church Yesterday?

Did you learn about how to succeed? How to prosper? How to be in favour? Did you get blessings to exceed your peers? To triumph at work and to have a glowing and glorious week? Or did you hear about Jesus, His Cross and His resurrection? It may all sound like the same to you, it’s not the same! Success, …

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Evangelizing by your conduct!

You are the only Bible some people will ever read! Your life must represent God, men must see your good deeds and give glory to your father in heaven. Let your life be the witness! You don’t need to preach the gospel, let your life preach the gospel! I remember once having a room mate, who decided to follow me …

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