Monday , 23 July 2018
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My New Year Resolve

My new year resolve is not to do anything, want anything or sacrifice anything. I simply want to obey God! This year, I want to be free of wants! No more wanting to be important, no more wanting everything for myself, no more wanting my own way! I want to do what God wants! My new year resolution is Obedience …

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Lessons from Deuteronomy 7

This instructions are for you when you enter, not before. Make sure you utterly destroy the enemies – flesh. Everything that has the capacity to corrupt the God culture has to go. Who are these 7 nations? How do they parallel to the life in Christ. The reason not to be yoked is again a matter of service. Don’t let …

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Who do you say you are?

You say you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, and you have not witnessed to anyone with your mouth in days. So what was the purpose of your baptism? What type of messages do we preach these days? How come they are so different from the ones in Acts? The templates seem to be, start from wherever the discussion is, …

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What was yesterday about?

These days it breaks my heart to see Jesus on the bench in the matches where he should be the most valuable player! He’s done all to prove his mettle. He’s worth all the attention and more, infact our lives value is because of the value inherent in him! Yet in the midst of our sacred meetings he’s either benched …

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The God that Installs a King, When Another King is in Place!

Today’s challenge takes us through 1 Samuel 16 and 17! It’s a scary narrative! If you tremble at God’s word, these are epic stories. One of them is a very popular story, it’s titled “David and Goliath”. It’s an exciting story, but remember anytime we read the Old Testament and Jesus is not the lens we use, we miss the …

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I was Wrong about the Bible!

I see that many people are trying to understand what the reality of the past was, and what currently is present clarity. If I was wrong, what was my view before, and if now I’m right, what is my view now. I will take them one by one. Before I go ahead however, let share that the appetite of people …

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