Monday , 23 July 2018
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Let’s Make A Difference

Tears in my eyes… I am persuaded that I’m on course Yes, deeply convicted I’m pushing the right cause There are many noises calling by the sides So many distractions playing the sea tides But my eyes are fixed on a goal Nothing must make my commitment less than whole Those who chase money find it elusive Those who catch …

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Gold is not on the Surface

If you are really interested in gold, you must be willing to dig through a pile load of rubbish to get to gold. Gold is not on the surface. It’s no doubt that people are experiencing all forms of hardship, but there is no more hurtful hardship than the one we inflict on ourselves by being ignorant. I want to …

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The Parable of the Unfaithful Tenant

Emeka just got a Job in an oil company and was desperately in need of a house at a comfortable distance from where his office is located. After a lot of search, Emeka gets a good 3 bedroom apartment in a high brow area in Gbagada, Lagos. His Landlord is an elderly Yoruba man – Mr. Fashola. The Landlord takes …

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You won’t like this if you are Hell Bound!

It’s another Sunday! If it was not going to be a positive day can it at least be a neutral day? I fear not! If the percentage of people on the wrong path is anything to go by, then more harm happens on Sunday’s than good. Many churches will meet today, most of them synagogues of Satan! You will not …

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What is your Goal?

Goals! Just thinking back, I must have shared this concept in nothing less than 1,000 seminars. How can I talk about anything else without first talking about goals? Goals are important, they are the line in the sand, that let us know how far to run. They let us know when we have won, or when we should stop. There …

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What role are you playing?

“The Feast of Unleavened Bread, also called Passover, drew near. The high priests and religion scholars were looking for a way to do away with Jesus but, fearful of the people, they were also looking for a way to cover their tracks” – Luke 22:1-2 “Now the Feast of Unleavened Bread drew near, which is called Passover. And the chief …

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