Monday , 23 July 2018
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Don’t win the case at the expense of your life.

U.S. Congressman Clement Vallandigham was defending a murder suspect in court when he argued that the victim could have accidentally shot himself while drawing his gun. In an attempt to reenact the scene, he drew the gun, which he believed to be unloaded. It accidentally discharged, killing him. Needless to say, he won the case. Guess this is a classical …

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The Lord is my Shepherd – I shall not WANT!

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” – Ps 23:1 I have learnt not to quote scriptures out of context by staying with one verse. So permit me to give us a build up of what is really going on here. This is one of the most popular chapters in the old testament, it’s a remarkable memory verse, …

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My New Year Resolve

My new year resolve is not to do anything, want anything or sacrifice anything. I simply want to obey God! This year, I want to be free of wants! No more wanting to be important, no more wanting everything for myself, no more wanting my own way! I want to do what God wants! My new year resolution is Obedience …

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When to kill your Pastor and Stone your Family! Part 1

Kill your Pastor, Stone your family, Burn your community! Deuteronomy 13 Summarized! When many people read the old testament, they assume that God must have changed. He has become a loving God, incapable of the kind of instructions He seemed to give in the old testament. That philosophy is completely false! God is the same yesterday, today and forever, He …

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Lessons from Deuteronomy 7

This instructions are for you when you enter, not before. Make sure you utterly destroy the enemies – flesh. Everything that has the capacity to corrupt the God culture has to go. Who are these 7 nations? How do they parallel to the life in Christ. The reason not to be yoked is again a matter of service. Don’t let …

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Lesson from the Book of Deuteronomy Chapter 6

These are not criteria for entry, they are practices for when you cross over. The conduct of believers. The purpose is that you may fear the Lord your God and prolong your days. It’s trans generational you, your son and grandson. Observe it so you may get the promise. It will be well with you and you will multiply. Love …

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