Sunday , 20 May 2018
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Can You Still Find Your Way Home?

There was once a horse, which had strayed away from home. It had strayed so far that it was now lost.

In its lost state, it wandered to the house of a man who had many children. The children were intrigued by finding a horse at their porch. But the man however claimed that he could lead the lost horse to its home!

The children were stunned at their fathers claim, and all watched to see how their father would lead a stray, stranded horse to its home.

The father got a rope, tied it up nicely and with cowboy style, slipped the rope on the horse’s neck. It took quite an effort to get the horse to move, but reluctantly, it moved. The battle that ensued took a few hours, the journey characterized by slow progress, from the horse being dragged, to the horse walking reluctantly behind to side by side, to slightly ahead, till all of a sudden they got to the owner of the horse whose excitement knew no bounds!

“Wow, how did you know the horse was mine he exclaimed, I have been searching for it for two weeks”

The miracle working father smiled and responded – “I didn’t know your house, I simply put a rope on your horses neck, tugged often and gently and the horse led me home”.

  • Nobody can lead you to a home you don’t know! The best that a teacher, coach or trainer can do is tug you once a while, you are the one who needs to know home.
  • Nobody can set your vision for you, and no one can help you once your vision is not set. If you don’t know where you are going and what you want, you are not qualified for help.
  • Set your goals in all areas and financially today.



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