Thursday , 20 February 2020
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Adeolu Akinyemi

The First Sights

A few weeks ago, we shared a few thoughts together in a fellowship we usually hold every Thursday. We asked ourselves what exactly the role of God in our churches and to our societies is, and asked what God would have us do. It became quite clear to us that God was like a coach in the football match, he …

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The First Flight

I listened with rapt attention as a 48+ year old man spoke passionately about the fact that though as a child he had dreamed of flying and seeing the world. Though as a child he had created his own aircraft designs and made his own flying toys, he was only going to have his first ever aircraft experience at the …

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The First Million Dollars

I have it in authority from converstations with a number of wealthy people, that the first million dollars is the hardest million to make. Once you learn the key skills to overcome this, the rest is pretty simple. Well, I decided to keep quiet about this, until I have first experiemented with my life and have proof that it can …

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I Missed You!

In the 5years plus I have been active on this blog, the last 8 weeks have marked my longest time away from this blog. My friends, fans, acquaintances, critics and stark enemies on this site have become a vital part of my life and existence. To tell you that I have missed you over the last 8 weeks, would be …

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Pray for Avenues to Wealth

I feel it’s in order if I keep the general public up to date about the inner events of Avenues to Wealth. That way, you might see a little of the good work going on, and be motivated to be a part of this opportunity. It’s not late, but better now than later. Avenues to Wealth Leadership Academy In Avenues …

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Before It’s Too Late!

I am not tribalistic, but I am currently really worried about the Yoruba race! I value all people, all gender, tribe and tongue. I do not discriminate, or judge a book by it’s cover, but I’m thoroughly bothered about the trends I have observed in business over the last 3 years. I have travelled the length and breath of this …

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